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A Night of Translation

The Knights Manual
1 Knight at partical bay.

It is although a rather sad reality, that we get so wrapped up in our immediate needs in our lives, that we neglect the most vital human motivator and incentive promoter, our operating
system or spiritual core.

Our spiritual core is our driving mechanism, it begins at conception and it is our psychic and spiritual guidance system throughout or lifetime, whether we ever realize it or not. It is also our first communication between mother and child in our lifes begining.

Our spiritual cores and psyhic guidance system is our main guidance system until we develop our conscious minds and communication skills. It is first transmuted, or comunicated between mother and child as love. It is our most vital psychic igniter and our, first and foremost spiritual igniter which fuels our will to survive and be creative humans beings.

We first begin to destroy in our children, any hope of igniting proper psychic usage and spiritual growth by poisoning them with false beliefs or theories. A simple example of this, as a dis honest or make believe root implantation of our and me down customs and beliefs. Wether we believe them or not and as primitive as some costoms may be, by traditional habit, we perpetually do it regardles of effect .

We start programing our infants with input that puts them into a cyclic spin as they develop their personal spiritual awareness and mores or moral values.

We do this as we begin to program their belief system with fallacies as they develop verbalization. As we do this, we hinder proper spiritual growth of their own accord.

We pollute their minds with myth and fairy tales of Santa Clause comming on his sled and raindeer for example. We continue pretending that there is a living Santa Clause until a child hears from an older child that there is no living Santa
Clause, further damaging their psychic core by being made to feel foolish and instilling mistrust consciously and subconsciously.

As parents, we brush the Santa Clause issue under the rug with a big laugh when confronted with it, as if it were a big practical joke. Subconsciously our children resent this and they begin
negative thought particle output. Consciously and subconsciously they feel that mis-truth is okay and it’s not a bad thing to trick people, as long as it is in a good way.

This is a bad habit simply because it generates an emotion. Any emotion generates psychic output and anger is a very powerful emotion and it is Loves oposite and extremely difficult to express especially in children. Channeling energy is in another chapter.

As with many mythological scriptures including the Bible and re-edited versions of it’s text and related theories in other belief systems. The theories are traditionally taught as facts related to the begining of time or various versions of Adam & Eve and are passed down scriptures, taught and embedded into our spiritual operating system. Being raised on these theories we assumably believe in them. And the versions of the begining of time vary throughout cultures, especially in illiterate culures. this causes a deviation and conflict of cultures. This makes programing or own spiritual cores difficult and it especilly makes programing our childrens spiritual cores difficult. Therefore we traditionally make mistakes conciously and sub conciously in this necessary venue as we program certain belief or ideas. So we really should use better discretion when programing our children’s belief system or spiritual core at the root.

In the beginning we should teach them mythology as hypothesize, rather than teaching mythology as fact. In this way we arouse their psychic curiosity and they may begin to seek their own input as we arouse an interest in a higher spiritual knowledge.

There is a universal psychic language that is communicated between all living creatures. It begins at conception and is pure and an un-adulterated thought particle transmutation that is fueled with our most powerful driving force, love.

In the beginning we are vulnerable to the harsh elements of the world, for we have no knowledge of danger. Like baby birds in their nests, when the cat is licking it’s chops at the site of
a feast, they open their mouths to be fed, unaware of the danger. So is our spiritual core designed with psychic input fueled with love, in the beginning it has no fear, until we program our defense mechanisms.

For some reason we neglect the development of this vital psychic function in our lives as westart programing our minds with fallacies, mythology and life’s dangers.

We stop using our psychic communicators as we develop verbalization skills and begin to program our vulnerable conscious minds and spiritual core with data that runs our psychic operating system.

As we develop our communication skills our psychic function gets shelved somewhere in our minds and its development is slowed down by our conscious state of mind as we rely on verbal

As we grow in our lives our psychic function is further shoved into the depths of our minds and becomes nearly obsolete and we continue to rely totally on our vulnerable programed
conscious minds as our operating system.

Our conscious belief system is programed in the beginning of our existence by our mothers. She begins psychic communication with us as unborn infants in her womb and continues, consciously and subconsciously throughout our lives. Even after death, this maternal influence, returns to us in thought particles and continues to act as a guardian Angel throughout our lives.

Our spiritual core is our operating system and is programed with varied beliefs, based on cultures and input after birth. These cultures and beliefs have been in a constant state of evolution
from the beginning of time.

As we may have evolved from primitive man and developed our conscious minds, we left behind our psychic guidance systems that we relied on. As we started verbalization and communication we cast ourselves into the conscious state of the unknown as we programed our core with ever-changing mythology.

Throughout time, as we left our psychic guidance systems behind, we have experimented with mythology and our consciousness has convinced us that it is necessary to please the unknown or
our gods. Throughout time our vulnerable conscious minds have inspired us to do barbaric things to please these unknown forces or gods. Mankind has made human and animal sacrifices to please
these hypothesized gods. We have slain savages or (less evolved man), in the name of Christianity.

Man has annihilated hundreds of races, languages, cultures and beliefs throughout the world.

America in the past 600 years has eradicated many of the primitive tribes. And if it weren’t for the white settelers, it would have been tribe against tribe and it will unfortunatly, continue around the world.

Mankind has done this in the name of Christianity or to incite a more modern spiritual belief into a more primitive man or culture less advanced in its evolutionary process or to just down right wipe out the poor and repressed.

As primitive man we still practice this custom of, trying to evolve our race into a forced conscious spiritual belief or hypothesis that has been fabricated and changed by our conscious minds from the beginning of time.

In consciousness we crucified and executed one of our first psychic leaders,Jesus Christ two thousand years ago as he was trying to deliver us from our lost psychic awareness. Much of what he was trying to convey to mankind died on the cross 2000 years ago.

That act against psychic etiquette, insured that primitive man would live as primitive man possibly for eternity. That barbaric act, damaged our psychic guidance systems so badly that we
have spent another two thousand years in a cycle of unknown and wondering methodical beliefs.

For they- know- not what they do. These are the magic words that condemned our psychic awareness. The execution of Christ, condemned mankind to a simple unknown and wonderment of
consciousness, as it destroyed the growth of our psychic awareness. We have since lived with divided beliefs and sorrows in a confused state of consciousness with polluted spiritual cores and hypothesized mythological beliefs.

When Jesus said, forgive them father, for they know not what they do. He may have been trying to correct in his last words of life, what primitive man was condemning himself to, as they
upset the Master and his Kights and polluted the cosmos with negative thought particles that have haunted and punished us for two thousand years.

The execution of Christ, imbedded his beliefs so deeply into man kind that we have lived with his interpretations of Devine spirituality, heaven, hell and God unchanged for two thousand years.

Jesus, 2000 years ago inspired the first hope of psychic recovery and development in mankind and our fears of the unknown disapproved it’s manifestation and killed it. This act polluted our thought particles for eternity, halted psychic awareness and condemned mankind, in the eyes of the Knights/Angeles as inferior primitive man.

Until we can unchain ourselves of this stigmatization
cast down upon us, we will continue to be their battle ground.

We have again begun to develop and restructure our psychic guidance systems and spiritual core and little by little we are emoting better output.

We have relied on the bible, written, translated, interpreted and revised scriptures, stories that have been updated and translated since the beginning of time.

The bible has served as a legal guide to life and mythology as we programed our spiritual core with its hypotheses of life and the beginning of time. Throughout the centuries holy men have
added their interpretation of thought particle matter or visions and entered it into its slate.

We have been fighting over religious interpretations of the bible and its content since its creation and translation.

We have been fighting over Allah, Masia, Gods and mythology since we developed our conscious minds and began the debate with communication.

Some believe that Jesus was the son of God, and others believe that the son of God is yet to come.

If indeed there is a God, why does he let us go on in this kayos of un-united mythology, as we kill one another over the disorientation of our belief system? And we ask ourselves, who created our creator and who created the creator that created the creator? Any holy man will give you the answer and being of good intentions we assumably believe what they say, he just is.

Jesus was a master of the igniter principals and psychic thought particle reception. His philosophies, could not be understood by primitive man and primitive man destroyed what it feared the most, the un-known.

We failed to sail to the edge of our psychic core and chose to destroy and delay our delivery into a higher plane of superior knowledge 2000 years ago.

If we had not executed our first masters of psychic thought principals and our rapport with the infinite Knights/Angels. And we would have allowed them to further define and develop superior principals 2000 years ago. They would have more belief and trust in humans to develop superior devine principals and technology.

And we may have entered and practiced the principals of psychic thought particle reception and translation, 2000 years ago.

Our world may have, by now be in, a more superior and balanced state. We would probably have already created other life forms on other planets and have regular commutes and adapted ourselves in other worlds or could have been alowed the principals to hydrogenat the moon, who knows.

We may have figured out the facts about our creation and existence instead of going around in circles over mythology and waging war over it.

If we had put our efforts toward developing a balancing formula to avoid ethnic and religious conflicts, by now we may have placed ourselves, perhaps in the universe to avoid over population of our species.

We have wondered along and experimented with mythology, acting on our conscious programmed belief instead of programing our psychic core with input from infinite thought

Darwin has been dead less than a hundred years, but his theories have opened the eyes of logic. Darwin’s theories on evolution may only be partially correct. We as mankind may have
evolved from primates or Apes. But not until we where genetically manipulated.

This is my point, Apes and Monkeys do not poses the gene that allows them to verbalize and they, NEVER WILL EVOLVE INTO IT. Early man may have been genetically altered, giving the Ape species the gene to evolve and become man, thus giving
Ape/Man the gene that allowed them to develop verbalization and communication.

Then, as primitive man through verbalization we evolved out of, suppressed and neglected the development of our most important, psychic guidance system. Through verbalization we created the need for symbology and alphabets, the earliest being petroglyphs and then hieroglyphs, although earlier accounts even suggest an even earlier account of an Angelic alphabet later translated into Hebrew. Petroglyphs and hieroglyphs are more easily
translated because, basic symboligy is used to depict it’s story, were as the Angelic alphabet is more dots lines and curves and also uses angles and degrees to give the same symbols, words or letters different meaning. Chinese symboligy or alphabet is similar to the Angelic alphabet but is
more symbolic whereas Japanese is a little closer reference to Angelic but still very different.

When the Angelic alphabet was adapted and translated to mankind, it was only interpreted in bars, parallels or vertical and horizontal lines. Whereas Angelic alphabet actually has to be
interpreted and translated translucently and in degrees and may have many different focal points giving the symbols, letters and words different meanings. Translunary translation and interpretation is very difficult.

The axis is somewhat infinite, unlike a compass rose that has only 360*. Celestial navigation has an infinite or indefinite measure of degrees un-relative to earths’ horizon.

When mankind developed our various alphabets, our primitive minds we were only capable of seeing in parallels and meridians, therefor we translated the Angelic alphabet in our own terms or that which we could understand and translate.
Angelic symboligy consists of many more degrees, angles, arches and. As in space, there is no N S E W , it is an infinite number of directions from any single focal point, so is the Angelic alphabet when it was translated into Hebrew the alphabet is small, but when translated correctly, each individual symbol alone has an infinite number of meanings when placed in a focal point or read translucently. That is why we could not truly understand the Angelic alphabet, because we as humans simply do not see translucently.

There is an edge or spherical boundry of the solar system that is why light cast into outer space will return to it’s point of orgin if it didn’t fade out. That would mean that any line or beam is an isobar and would not travel in a straight path, it would have a curvature and return eventually to its original beginning or focal point.

The fact that we keep changing our belief in mythology throughout the ages, proves that it is myth.

I could disclose hundreds of documented beliefs that have been practiced by races, tribes, cults and religious orders throughout the ages. We all know of some of these odd customs, beliefs and myths. Savage or primitive as they seem, they were practiced as belief in their time and today we think about how ridiculous they seem. It makes you wonder what mankind will believe in or know as fact hundreds of years from now.

We will, in time discover other life forms in the cosmos and find that mankind may have been implanted here by superior life forms in our beginning of time or maybe we will discover more facts about our evolution. At any rate it is a fascinating subject to meditate on.
Live Re-Edition of,
Short essay in
Manual From
One Knight at
Thought Particle
Translation Research

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