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yellowbird2 is doing 22 things including…

get out of debt

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Getting there

Final stretch to the credit card monster. I’ve been putting the majority of my money to Credit cards this summer….. in exchange i’ve been broke as a joke the whole summer long! but it’s been worth it… I might have a much higher paying job here soon…got an interview on Wed..and I am very excited about it…
By the looks of things, I should be paid off by the end of August….
If i get this job, I want to put alot of money itno savings and start building up again….
It’s going to be nice to be out of debt…I am really excited right now…

on my way

wow. I’m really doing it.

Ripping up my cc was the best thing i could have possibly done. Sure, i had some rough moments without them but i made it through. Now, i’m on my way.

I am going to put a good 500 down on Friday, and then in 2 weeks i’ll drop another large amount.
I am thinking these will be paid off by Sept 1st.

I’m then…going to tackle my student loans..:(


The last time I posted about this i think i mentioned that i ripped up my credit card…I haven’t done that great with money, honestly, but I haven’t used any credit in awhile and this is an accomplishment. yeah!

Well, i am down now to 1800 dollars and in the next month or so I should be down half that. The goal is to not spend alot of extra money this month.

TO do this I’ve got to limit little things, like eating out, stopping at the mini mart 29 times a day…. avoid clothing stores at all costs…..
Hobbies must include free things. This mainly means going to the gym… the library, watching tv. playing on the computer…art….i need better hobbies, if only it wern’t 150 outside.

the cutting of the evil plastic

Today marks a very significant day for me…I cut up my credit card.
This is becuase I ended up spending about 550 bucks on the credit card due to a small issue I had w/ balancing my checkbook this week. It totally set me back but I’m over it now and starting again at the long journey out of debt…..

Still no leads on a “real career” job—aka. teaching. I’m told that hiring season should be at it’s height in about a week. I’m feeling hopeful….

I’m going to be moving next month… hopefully to a cheaper apt. i did get hired for a second job but at the last minute decided against it as it seemed like it would be too much work and all around….a bad idea. So that is that…

Now…. here’s to a new start.

after friday I should be under the 2000 mark (again) w/ the credit cards…this summer will move reletively slow in the land of debt.


I got an interview for a second job on Friday…i really hope i get it as the job would work out perfectly with my full time job…the job is cool too…working a coffee hut….. i’d get to work alone and I’d get to do something fun and easy….
And…i could jump on board with the credit card company again.

NO leads for a teaching job. I have been dreaming about it. I cannot tell you how frustrating this process is. IF i don’t get on board this year i’m going to pull my hair out….the saddest part about this is that i had the perfect job last year nad i gave it all up. I had so much more money and was just beguinning to build a future and i went and threw it all away… i cannot for the life of me understand why I decided to move to a new state. Now, i’m back at the beguinning and all i can say is that i am humbled greatly from the whole experience.

So ultimately, I’ll get this second job…i’ll get out of debt… and I’ll get a teaching job this year….

i hope it all works out.


totally messed up on this goal this week. I deposited a check too early and my sister paid me her share of rent too late and i literally had 350.00in late fees because of it….which means, I’m going to have to transfer all the money i just paid to the cc company bk to my checking acct…..

I’m really mad at myself for this. I will not make the same mistake again, no doubt, but still, i’m set back.

I need a higher paying job. I’ve got no leads for a teaching job and it just feels like i’m never going to get out of CC debt. ah man…. sweet disapointment. this will pass.


I am trying to, maybe, get a second job. i can feasably pay off my debt on my salery but it will take several more months than i would like….I would really like to wrap up my credit card debt in the next 3 months…if at all possible. I’ve applied to several places but have not gotten any calls yet.

Anohter thing…I”m waiting to get a call from a principal as i’m int he system to be hired as a teacher but no calls!!! I’m fearing that becuase I teach art the jobs are not readily available and i will not be called upon…i’m feeling (honestly) a little discouraged…. having a career again in what i love to do would not only help me financially, but emotionally as well….

i’m keeping my fingers crossed.


.........trying to get overtime at work…bring my own food to work…........ and keep up with my 600.00 plan on giving to the credit cards. It’s been tight. I must say. but…. if all goes well i’ll only have to do this for 3 months…in the mean time…..I am hoping my car doesn’t break down as this would set me back some (it’s been acting funny).

I’m never doing this w/ credit cards again.

the million ways to consume

This weekend I was a little out of hand with my budget. I’m good at it actually but my friends (the evil, little hedonists they are) always want me to go eat with them or drink with them and I then find myself giving in to social pressure and spending money.

There is always something…a concert…. A dinner…. A canvas….some bathroom supplies…I have to keep reminding myself that my first priority has got to be to pay these cards off!!!
The thing is I WANT to pay them off. I do. I am going to work on setting my bounderies with people and continueing with free activities for the next few months…the gym…the library..the television…painting with the supplies I already have…. The computer….

That being said…I did make a 400 dollar payment today to the cc company. Next pay check I’m making a 200.00 payment. I’m on it.


well now. I’ve got 2300 dollars that I owe to the credit card company.
Here’s what I want to do. i want to get these things paid off in 3 to 4 months.
I’m going to 1. hide my credit card (or get it out of my purse).
2. Pay 600 dollars a month to the cc company.
3. use the money my sister owes me to pay them directly.
and 4.

never get into cc debt again!

after I pay off the old credit card i figure I’ll give my self a good month of spending money on i wont be doing that for the next 3 months or so, but then i got to contact the old student loan department…. get a credit report to clean up other further things…and (ehem) start saving…yikes!

I want to buy a condo eventually…i am going to spend the next 8 months or so cleaning up my debt to make this happen.

I’m also going to read up on how to go about purchasing as I”m young and dumbt.
Goals…i hate being an adult but i’m glad to be looking towards fixing my problems.

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