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Fully read "All about retirement funds" to help mom plan for retirement.

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Returned the book to the library but I still need to read 65 pages. Will pick it up again next week (=

Retirement: 69%

They library called, they want their book back. I’ve checked it out 2-3 times and renewed it a number of times. When I tried to renew it, it said “too many renewals.”


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Retirement Funds: 61%

Got the 2nd book in the Hunger Games Series to put on my shelf to inspire me to finish the retirement book.

Read through page 123 of 201 pages=61%

Retirement Funds Reward

When I am done with this book, I will reward myself by reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire in Spanish, En llamas

Retirement Funds: 50%

Read through page 101 of 201
50% Complete!

Retirement Funds: 41.8

Read through page 84 of 201
41.8% Complete!

Retirement Funds: 38% Complete

Read through page 78 out of 201.

38% Complete

I am now skimming through parts that don’t apply to my mom.
This will definitely help me go through this book faster. (=

Still 31% through retirement book

I failed to read the entire book by July 30th, so now I must serve my punishment. None of my favorite Websites (Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, 43things & Calorie Count (except for logging) for 9 days beginning tomorrow Thursday, August 2nd. Internet for pleasure to resume on August 11th.

31% Done Reading Retirement Book

On page 63 out of 201. Tried to read while a the gym. Kind of hard because of all the numbers and new information.

31% Completed!

I feel behind!

20% Done Reading Retirement Book

Making progress (= worked on it for about 30 minutes today. 3 sessions of about 10 minutes a piece.

page 41/201 20.39% Completed!

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