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Draw 43 remaining drawings from Mark Kistler's book

2 cheers


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yese_g has written 20 entries about this goal

Drawing Forest of Ideas = Goal: 88% Complete

34=83% Forest of ideas (color)

35=85% Stalactite City (both)

36=88% Earth (color)






LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

Drawing Tracker=80%

31=76% Plumbing puzzler (color)

32=78% Plumbing possibilities (color)

33=80% Reading tree (color)

Drawing Tracker=73% complete

30=73% Macromonster (color)

Drawing Tracker 68%

22=51% Pencil Rocket!!!

23=54% Solar System

24=56% Thumbs Up (color)

25=58% Balloon (color)

26=61% Beep Robot (color)

27=63% Can Robot (color)

28=65% Eye Robot (color)

29=68% Elf (color)

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

Wednesday, September 20th Drawings 49%

Flying pencil 21/43=49%

Wednesday, September 19th Drawings 47%

Knights 20/43=47%


Checking the book out again today. Yipee!!

Saturday, September 8th Drawings 44%

Helicopter, Helicopter please come down. 18/43=41.8%

Castle amigas 19/43=44%

Thursday, September 6th Drawing

I can drive my airplane with no handlebars! (=


The book I am drawing from is due back tomorrow and someone is on hold so I can’t recheck it out )=

Sunday, August 12th Drawing

16/43=37% completed!

Drew this dinosaur. I love how it came out (=

I also drew a box house, an igloo, and a snowman…fun to draw (=

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