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heal my body


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Danny me ha traido dos medicinas para ver si las molestias se van. He estado asi por unos meses. He empezado a trabajar con pensamientos que estaban bienprofundamente arraigados, acerca de sexualidad, de ser gay, etc. Creo que la solucion de todos estos sintomas se encuentra ahi.Es algo bien fuerte, el poder verse reflejado a lo largo de anios y entender de donde vienen los patrones de satisacccion, la forma inocente en la que uno reacciona cuando era pequenio.Incluso esta molestia es una bendicion, para poder acceder a otro nivel de cambiar los pensamientos y seguir avanzando. Remind me this next week…


My body is ok. Sometimes i have pain,general pain, of being tired, and all muscles hurts. My urinary infection never came back,sometimes i pee more than i think i should. But nothing major.
I am so convinved that i need to love my body, to heal it. And actually i love it and respect it. i am in perfect order.


i am taking the detox pills, and also the detox tea, and also trying to have a detox mind


i am taking the detox pills, and also the detox tea, and also trying to have a detox mind


Through years, my body showed me, my weakest points, at different times. Is always related to intestines, Urinary infections, and kidneys. They last a couple of months, and gone.
I know more about me, and my body, i understand that is fear. No letting go. Affraid of changing, of new possibilties. That s why this is happening to me these days, when i am making so manychanges. But i want a different understanding now. I dont want to go to the doctor to give me some pills, when everythign was created on my thoughts.
I always had very confusing thoughts about relationships, how to relate to people, how to grow,and i think all that is somehow in my body. all those fears.
But i am changing.I need to change.I know i can heal my body. Cause i know i can injure my body as well. But i am deciding to understand me, better. Respect me. Love me. be happy with me. And love me.


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