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Move to that beautiful apartment


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Adrian has written 6 entries about this goal

Almost there...

I guess we are moving next saturday. Still cant believe it. As much as we complained about money, we are doing it. We owe more money, but both, we are willing to work hard for it. I love what I do, Danny enjoys what he does, we hope everything will accomodate for our best interest. Sat Nam.

THe ideal apartment

I looked at the pictures from the apartment once again, trying to understand if this is the right move to do. Danny is depressed, stressed out, I am ok, I know we dont have the money, and it is very uncomfortable ahving to ask family or friends for money, we are closer to 30 both of us, andit isuncomfortable. We are moving to the apartment with money borrowed from Danny’s friend cause we dont have any savings, anything. We are moving without any savings. I am scared. This whole situation has opened my eyes in many different ways. I hope everything turns to be good. But right now, I cant seem to find the positive side. I know that everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that canhappen to me, but now, at least for a moment, i would like to feel some comfort, some peace. just a thought. I know God watches over me. I just wish to feel it more.


Today we were supposed to received the loan for 3000 dollars to sign the lease tomorrow. Untill now, and now is late, we didnt receive it. Danny was nervous, I am relaxed. If it for us, It will happen. I ask God to guide us through the process. At least I am trying and not being that hard on me, or him. :)

Thursday we sign the lease.

Wow. Can’t believe it. We need so much money to move to the new apartment that we don’t see to have right now. But I ask God for help. I have faith. Everything happens for a reason. Creator watches over you. YB

Maybe a sign?

It is so funny how people can destroy your dreams, or better said, how we let other people including loved ones affect our goals, feelings or whatever it is.
My mom and dad (both) by phone, when I was telling them about Danny and I moving again to a new apt after 6 months of living in this tiny studio, to a much bigger, beautiful, and more expensive apt, they both said. We are worried about the way you manage your finances, your decisions, how come that you always are short of money, moving to a new apt or dpt, every couple of months. It made me feel like a piece of shit. I do think that they are right, I wish to be different. How come that I am growing, professionally,spiritually hopefully, but financially, 0,.

I love that apartment, I think it will be a great thing to do,but having to ask for money and debt again, no way, I feel likeI should stay here. I am so confused and so many levels, that apartment will make things much easier for living withdanny and the girls, rather than being in this so tiny apartment.
If I have to decide i will move right away, that is my wish, but after my mom and dad thoughts, i kind of regret taking that decission of moving. I think that part of moving is part of putting myself in a better place where I can organize myself ans stablish myself in the city. I am tired of sleeping in the floor, and not having space or gas. What should I do God?
Am I doing the right things? Is this the city to be? Should I go back to Argentina and Open a business with my dad as he said? I do think I should stay here, triumph, challenge myself, find mycall. But is being challenging,

Just a thought


I do see the pictures of that apartment and i said to myself what a beautiful thing to live in there. But then all the negative thoughts about money, credit, responsabilities, untill finally the idea of moving is more a punishment, or better said, a gift that I dont deserve. I do want to move in there, I do think that choosing quality of life over an economic benefit is a smart idea. I hope to be in the right place and attract the right situations in order to be able to move there with Danny. It is being a while, almost a year since I stopped writting here. I am happy I am back. I hope we can move there. I pray to God tonight.! yay!


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