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Pay it Forward

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Toll Roads

I paid for the toll for 2 cars behind me. It felt really good. Going to the next toll I paid for another car behind me. This could get really addicting. I will definitely have to cut down on diet coke and starbuck purchases. It felt really nice to do a little something for someone when I am aware that I will never get a Thank you. I have no idea who they are. I told the toll clerk to tell them “Merry Christmas”

Disney Tickets

Someone sent me a link to free disney tickets for the Disney christmas parade filming. You could print out up to 8 tickets which even included parking. I then sent it out to everyone on facebook. I even got a Thankyou from a family of 5!!!

I donated my hair to the Locks of Love program.

I am so proud of this accomplishment. I have been growing my hair out for awhile. I found a salon that gives to the organization on a regular basis. I went to them for a trim. It’s a bit expensive. They did not charge me for the actual chop. I did give a very generous tip. I am so happy with the cut. It meant so much to me to give and know that a child is going to benefit from my hair donation.

Locks of hair

Well I need to get a trim just to get my highlights out. If I do this soon… I think around December my hair might be ready to get the chop. I actually think it’s long enough now but I need to get the color off of my ends. I have been wanting to give to the Pantene hair collection for cancer patients for awhile now. They will accept 8 inches vs. the Locks of hair is 10 inches I believe. I have to start researching short hair cuts. I know that the stylists like the pictures.


ok.. I was inspired yesterday from a It was an entry about a lady who had $50 dollars to give to charity or to help someone and she wanted ideas on what to do with the money. Well she got a lot of entries. One entry was a link to the Oprah show about paying it forward. I want to be more active with this goal. I want to plan out something nice to give someone. My husband says that we have a little money to work with each month. Even if it is just paying for someones meal in drive-thru, I want to give back in the community. I am going to make it a goal to give back month by month. I am going to research the nonprofit organizations in my area and see what I can do.

someones entry stated that this site was easier than photoshop.

learn states has other cool games

Get and give global inspiration.

Share the websites that people have shared with me

Homeless Pack

Gave another homeless pack out today :)

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