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How Often Should I Floss

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I got my first cavity at age 19. Yeah, ironic. Spotless through the childhood eating-tons-of-candy-years, then in college, I come home to get my teeth cleaned and TA DA! CAVITY. Once I went through the pain of getting it filled, I was determined to not have to go through it again. After getting tons of teeth taken out (small mouth, big teeth), I have had my fill of novocaine! Flossing every night became a habit after the cavity. I felt like after 2 weeks of doing it every night, I got the hang of it. I skipped one night and my mouth didn’t feel clean! I literally got out of bed and flossed.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crest Glide floss. It’s fantastic for fitting in tight spaces, and cleans out more than Oral-B Satin, which fits in tight spaces, but doesn’t clean.


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