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youssarian has written 3 entries about this goal

Much Updating Has Been Done

I have this strange ability to recall things almost exactly x number of years after I first think it. It’s been nearly two years I’ve had this goal, and my site ( has undergone a huge amount of changes.

I Think

It would be a good idea to allocate time for website maintenance on one of my free days. Say, an hour on Mondays, add new material and refresh old stuff.

Needs More Updating

I’ve made my third change to the site. Now most of the more important pages are in .php format so that I can make a simpler way of putting the navigation into all of them. There is still plenty more that I can do with it, however. I have these all listed in my personal wiki, so I would like to get these done.

My website isn’t anything major, however it’s sort of my own little pet project. I have my own corner of the Internet! :D

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