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start dancing again

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i should have removed this off my to-do list…coz i’m soo through with it. almost every week…i dance. though not going through a whole routine of dances that i used to.

its probably the happiness. when you happy, its always easy to stump your feet and hum a tune until you finally find your body swaying and dancing! happy!

not enough time

me and my siblings didnt have enough time to do the video that i talked about last month. but i’m doing something for this goal now. yesterday, i danced to a familiar song that was a hit 5 or six years ago, then danced again today. its nice to sweat and feel all the dormant muscles move again.. and see myself dance again (in the mirror, in my room. ha! whre else?!) =)


i get the chance, i dance. me and my siblings are planning to take a video of us doing a choreographed dance. we havent practiced yet..our schedule doesnt allow us to. but soon….we will! sounds fun!

i'll miss the concert

The squad that i was in is going to hold a concert next month…ohhh they asked me if i wanna take part. but the practices will be held at night. And i cant coz my schedule in the hospital changes daily (the head nurse wont allow me to have all the day shifts). shrug shrug shrug… i’ve been dancing in front of the mirror… but dancing with all the costumes and big production – that’s a better picture. =(
i’ve sacrificed so much for much. but no regrets.. it’ll all pay off someday soon.


I used to be a cheerleader in our university.. I miss dancing with the drums and doing all the routines. I also wanna do hip hop and swing again. I wanna dance again… well, I’d probably start tomorrow in my room. =)

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