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stop wasting time

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zdechlinka has written 4 entries about this goal

Damn it, again! aka new start

Here we go again, I haven’t been paying any attention to this site for a year.
A year and a week, to be exact.
Screwing around, not doing what I should and would love to do.

I really want to make a difference this time.
I want to be organized, motivated and keep promises.
I want to stop wasting my time, I want to become who I want to be.
I really do.

New start in 3…2…1…
First step, review my old goals, delete those I don’t want to keep and add new ones.


Tonight’s goal: learn the linguistics for the test until midnight.
Then revise buddhism and take a look at the USA studies.

Goals for tonight:

1) Go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee (cause my blood pressure is going down and I’m starting to feel a little dizzy and my head is killing me)
2) Grab something to eat
3) Change into something comfortable and DON’T FORGET TO PUT MY CLOTHES IN THE WARDROBE (FOLDED NOT MUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) AND NOT ON A CHAIR AS I ALWAYS DO (and I’m too lazy to clean up the mess next morning)
4) sit down and start studying vocabulary for English exam WITHOUT CHECKING FACEBOOK EVERY 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!
5) get up before 10 o’clock tomorrow!

Here we go.. wish me luck and tons of patience.


1) Print some tests
2) Clean up the mess around
3) Pack up, have a bath and prepare to leave for tomorrow’s university entering exam! (SO DAMN NERVOUS!!)
4) Call a friend of mine to find out what the hell’s wrong with him (otherwise I won’t have a place to stay overnight)
5) Finish studying English for school leaving exams by Sunday and then start with history


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