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First start

Today I’ve worked through the first two chapters of

For now I’m really impressed esp. with the quality of this tutorial. It’s logically structured and also helps people who come from procedural and object oriented languages like C or Java with enough references to understand the (at least for me unusual) functional concepts behind Objective CAML.

Let’s see what tomorrow might bring :-)

Functional languages

It’s like a phobia for me. A few years ago I had to write some progs in Lisp and Prolog and really started to hate Prolog simply because I couldn’t get used to this way of programming. Lisp was a little bit better but not much.

Next semester I will have to make another course focusing on Prolog which will perhaps change this phobia. As an addition to this I also want to give OCaml a try simply because the whole idea of mixing functional and oo languages sounds very interesting :-)

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