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become a stoic

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One of the hardest tenets in Stoicism is trying not to care what your reputation is, be it good or bad.
You’d have to be nearly superhuman to be able to ignore that completely


Keep yourself therefore simple and good,pure and grave,friend of justice, religious,kind, affectionate,and strong for your proper work.
Marcus Aurelius


I was reading through the sermon on the mount in the book of Matthew, and there is so much Stoicism in it. Be not vain, no fancy clothes, simple foods and drink, give alms.
Same for Ecclesiastes. That whole book is an entire lesson on Stoicism.
And yet, why do so many people who consider themselves Christians not follow these rules??

Marcus Aurelius

soon you will forget the world and the world will forget you’

meditate on your last day, and leave others wrongdoing where it lies


Every habit and capacity is preserved and strengthened by the corresponding actions, and become implanted if they were not present previously,or be intensified or strengthened if they were.


Our next aim will be to avoid either working for pointless ends or pointlessly, that is, to avoid desiring what we cannot achieve, or when we have attained it, made us realize too late and after much sweat the emptiness of our desires.


measure your life… it cannot contain too many distractions


quintus sextius
sotion of alexander
both advocated vegetarianism


It is common to find a man who is poor in respect to the end of his life and rich in empty fancies. For of the fools, none is satisfied with what he has, but grieved on what he has not.


St. Augustine was also a Stoic. His teachings are Stoic, but with a Christian bend to them. Still, they are good.

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