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live instead of exist

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I think I am always following this

Life is so long, too enough yrs for us to live. And people have to work to live, and these work are always repeated. We have to repeat the days, just exsit. To get up, have breakfast, go to work,lunch, work, then go back home, dinner, go to bed.
So how to add flavouring to this? To live instead of exsit, To find interesting and charming things in our daily life, to do the things that we like to do, to always be happy, to love the people who love you,etc.


我刚把MSN上的空间给彻底删除了,写了好象快两年了.其实之前也是随意开的,然后不停在写一些自己的心情啊,什么的.主要是考虑到自己记性不是太好,好的不好的,过段时间我都给自然埋在记忆深处了,或者压根就没了,也许这样记着会好点.有时会记一些让人觉得愤青的事情,后来想想留下美好快乐的东西更好,于是就把不快乐的删除.渐渐地我觉得每天都很开心的,也没有那个必要非得写在空间里了,我想现在的我已经有足够的力量来坚强地支撑我自己了,随时随地. 不想再做那些无病呻吟的事了,做些实际的事情会来得更有效点.正好最近开始重拾很久不动的钢笔字和毛笔字,所以我决定动笔记了,现代人有很多因为有了电脑就把自己本来的写字能力给疏忽了.


play like a child

to live is a kind of art

In fact, if there is a chance, i choose not to live, not to born in the world.
Since i am alive now, i should live well and make the life worth living.
to exist is a simple thing, just eat, sleep, work,etc. but to live, many things get different, we are always thinking about this question: how to live well?
i don’t know exactly, i am just living as i want to live. laugh when i want to laugh, cry when i want to cry, be responsible for what i have to be responsible for.

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