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get my bike fixed

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step 1.

i finally took my bike to the bike kitchen today. had a scheduling conflict and didn’t start on my bike until 30 minutes before closing, but i managed to get new tires. i thought everything was fine and dandy and was excited to start riding my bike, but upon further inspection, the volunteers there discovered that my brakes need to be changed. since i had run out of time and was running late for something else, i was forced to put that on hold. i’ll be busy for the next 2 weekends, but i hope to go back immediately when i’m free.

nixed the biking part.

getting my bike fixed and biking is actually two goals.. i enjoy checking things off of lists so to have two goals lumped into one makes the task seems a lot greater than it is. it’s all mental, really.

bicycle, bicycle!

i’m doing a project this term involving bicycles, and it’s forced me to search around for bikes. i already bought two old ones, and and im love with this purple “free spirit” one and have decided to keep it for myself. over spring/summer, i plan on taking it to the bike kitchen for a face lift so i can begin riding it!

i’ve always wanted to ride bikes around but have been too scared to do so. (i didn’t have one to begin with anyway.)

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