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Accept it-Change it-or forget it.

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I bought the car. I am the luckiest person in the world to have found this one. It’s almost identical to mine.. such a rare find. Did I mention how happy I am? ‘Changing it’ is definitely better than ‘accepting it’. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get this $hit eatin grin off my face.

F#@k acceptance, i'm changin it

I found another Lincoln LSE!! That probably doesn’t mean much to you people, but it’s a really rare car that I once owned. Mine is gone, but I found Abe #2 tonight. (My old LSE is on the top, the potential one on the bottom) It’s gonna need a lot of modification to turn it into a show car again, but i’m down. I can’t sleep because i’m so excited. I wish I knew some more of those annoying little IM acronyms right now. How about, ICHFCM (I can hardly fcuking contain myself)

havin a bad day...

These are the before and after pics of my car. Most people don’t understand how passionate I am about cars, so it’s hard to explain the effect the accident has had on me. I feel about my car the way an artist feels about his creation. I spent 8 months pouring blood, sweat, and tears into this car, and i’m really having trouble letting it go.. I need to get over this so I can move on. So far I haven’t even been able to motivate myself to start looking for a new project. This sucks..

Self-ish pity

This is definitely the goal that i’m struggling with the most right now. I’ve had a lot of sh*t go wrong over the past few months, and for some reason I feel completely paralyzed by it. I’m doing the everyday things that one does to get back to normal, but nothing seems to be working. I’m actually kinda disappointed with myself. One of my strongest traits over the years has been my ability to overcome adversity, but for the first time I feel completely defeated. To make things even worse I feel guilty and selfish for being so miserable when there are people out there going through much worse.

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