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stop procrastinating, or at least procrastinate constructively

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I sat, like a vegetable...

..at my computer for a few hours this afternoon, but I think I was pretty productive. I was ripping CDs to my hard drive, and I updated my 43things page every so often. I consider both activities to be somewhat dilatory, but combined.. I say that’s productivity..

yet another..

..afternoon of oh-so gradual progress with my course-work. I realized last night though, that time spent here isn’t wasted time. For you it’s probably just procrastination, but I happen to be studying Psychology, so it’s ok. I actually do find a lot of inspiration on 43things, and SusieQ agreed with me, so there.


..sort of. I stayed home tonight (Saturday night) with the intention of working on a research project i’m doing for my degree, but I ended up taking a ‘43things break’ about every half-hour. Now it’s after midnight, and what I could have completed in three hours, is still not finished. I did get a lot done though, so I guess in a way I did procrastinate constructively. Come to think of it, as a psychologist i’m always trying to understand people better, so I guess there is an inherent value to the time I spend at 43things. Seriously… I swear i’m not rationalizing.. am I?

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