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CreativeHeart's 398 goals tagged education (misc.)
  1. Learn all the logical fallacies 0 people
  2. Learn more about postgraduate and undergraduate degrees 0 people
  3. Learn more about Oxbridge 0 people
  4. Learn about cygnets 0 people
  5. Allocate one hour per day to investigation, study, and self-development 0 people
  6. Know the amount of people employed in a UK business on average 0 people
  7. Learn about finasteride 0 people
  8. Know how many people in the UK have hay fever 0 people
  9. Find out the keyboard shortcut for acute accents 0 people
  10. Learn about memory foam 0 people
  11. Know what the anthem of the European Union is 0 people
  12. Learn about super sand 0 people
  13. Know what conchology is 0 people
  14. Know what 'PCS' stands for 0 people
  15. Learn about boat shoes 0 people
  16. Know how many people attended Glastonbury 2011 0 people
  17. Learn about development studies 0 people
  18. Know what vexillology is 0 people
  19. Know what palaeography is 0 people
  20. Know what 'MSM' (medical and social) stands for 0 people
  21. Know what the windiest country in Europe is 0 people
  22. Know what horology is 0 people
  23. Learn more about animal euthenasia 0 people
  24. Know what palaeontography is 0 people
  25. Know what palaeontology is 0 people
  26. Know where the name 'Emma' derives from 0 people
  27. Know what the 'jay' means in 'jaywalker' 0 people
  28. Learn more about space shuttle lift-off 0 people
  29. Learn about the Mary Celeste 0 people
  30. Know where a fetlock is 0 people
  31. Know where a horse's cannon bone is 0 people
  32. Know where a horse's long and short pastern bones are 0 people
  33. Know where a horse's coffin bone is 0 people
  34. Know how many kilojoules in a kilocalorie 0 people
  35. Know how many newspaper editions News of the World published in its lifetime 0 people
  36. Learn about the pliosaur 0 people
  37. Learn about the Chokha 0 people
  38. Know how to calculate amount of salt in food which only has label listing sodium content 0 people
  39. Learn about football's first ever rulebook 0 people
  40. Know about the Queen's Police Medal (QPM) 0 people
  41. Know what ichnology is 0 people
  42. Know about s'mores 0 people
  43. Know what a caddie is 0 people
  44. Know about long/short tonnes 0 people
  45. Know how much a humpback whale weighs 0 people
  46. Learn about melamine 0 people
  47. Know what a tubercle is 0 people
  48. Learn about countercurrent heat exchange in seagulls 0 people
  49. Learn about the DeLorean DMC-12 0 people
  50. Learn about the term 'red-letter day' 0 people
  51. Read LSD trip stories 0 people
  52. Learn about propecia 0 people
  53. Learn about Cipla Limited 0 people
  54. Know about the Stroop test 0 people
  55. Learn about Strychnine 0 people
  56. Know what millinery is 0 people
  57. Know about delegated legislation 0 people
  58. Learn about Statutory Instrument (SI) 0 people
  59. Know who the BBC business editor is 0 people
  60. Learn about the the 24 Greek monasteries of Meteora in Thessaly 0 people
  61. Know what 'UAE' stands for 0 people
  62. Know the general cost of bricks 0 people
  63. Learn about camping in winter 0 people
  64. Know what cartography is 0 people
  65. Know what Laconophilia is 0 people
  66. Know what 'PPL' (aviation) stands for 0 people
  67. Acknowledge the term 'willful blindness' 0 people
  68. Learn about Horlicks 0 people
  69. Know what 'CDT' (time) stands for 0 people
  70. Learn about the drachma 0 people
  71. Know about the Breitling Crosswind 0 people
  72. Know about the Montblanc Meisterstück 0 people
  73. Learn more about the Glock 17 0 people
  74. Learn about diazodinitrophenol (DDNP) 0 people
  75. Learn more about stanozolol 0 people
  76. Know where Truck Festival takes place 0 people
  77. Know where the Splendour Festival is sited 0 people
  78. Know how many people attended Splendour 2011 0 people
  79. Learn about the Vela incident 0 people
  80. Learn about the Tunguska event 0 people
  81. Learn about the murder of Shanda Sharer 0 people
  82. Know how many zeros in a trillion by heart 0 people
  83. Learn about long and short scales (mathematics) 0 people
  84. Know the amount of bacteria on the surface of the human body 0 people
  85. Know what endive is 0 people
  86. Learn about Priapus 0 people
  87. Know what catgut is 0 people
  88. Know the weight of the average adult human brain 0 people
  89. Learn about hoisin 0 people
  90. Know who William Shakespeare's wife was 0 people
  91. Learn about the death of 2Pac 0 people
  92. Know how Red Leicester gets its distinctive deep-orange hue 0 people
  93. Know annotto is 0 people
  94. Know why Red Leicester cheese is dyed 0 people
  95. Acknowledge Wensleydale cheese 0 people
  96. Acknowledge Stinking Bishop cheese 0 people
  97. Know how many Liberpool fans died in the Hillsborough stadium disaster 0 people
  98. Know what 'superluminal' means 0 people
  99. Learn about ANFO 0 people
  100. Learn about the Ruger Mini-14 0 people
  101. Learn about the carbine 0 people
  102. Know where the UK's largest Mesolithic burial ground is 0 people
  103. Know what 'SDLP' stands for 0 people
  104. Know about the Ribblehead Viaduct 0 people
  105. Watch "RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation" 0 people
  106. Know where the term 'Xmas' came from 0 people
  107. Know where the world's largest salt flat is 0 people
  108. Know what 'det supt' means 0 people
  109. Know what entomology is 0 people
  110. Know what cosmetology is 0 people
  111. Know what carpology is 0 people
  112. Know what exobiology is 0 people
  113. Know what garbology is 0 people
  114. Know what oncology is 0 people
  115. Know what sinology is 0 people
  116. Know what zymology is 0 people
  117. Acknowledge the term 'cryopreserve' 0 people
  118. Acknowledge the Kiraly Turkish spa in Budapest 0 people
  119. Know what 'SPCA' stands for 0 people
  120. Learn about the Stanford University prison experiment 0 people
  121. Know what 'PFI' stands for 0 people
  122. Know how many acres in a square mile 0 people
  123. Research planning permission laws in the UK 0 people
  124. Know how many litres in a gallon 0 people
  125. Know why the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts 0 people
  126. Know the percentage of UK adults unable to swim 0 people
  127. Learn about the Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) system 0 people
  128. Know the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa 0 people
  129. Know how many blocks make up the Leaning Tower of Pisa 0 people
  130. Acknowledge the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 0 people
  131. know the number of books in the US Library of Congress as of 2011 0 people
  132. Acknowledge the Black-capped Woodnymph 0 people
  133. Know when the iPod was launched 0 people
  134. Know when the iPhone was launched 0 people
  135. Know when the iPad was launched 0 people
  136. Know when the iMac was launched 0 people
  137. Learn more about speed (drug) 0 people
  138. Know the general range of speed of bullets 0 people
  139. Know how many feet in a metre 0 people
  140. Know about the Denisova hominin 0 people
  141. Learn about the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) 0 people
  142. Know when the first Land Rover was introduced 0 people
  143. Watch video of Bertrand Russell talk about smoking 0 people
  144. Listen to Bertrand Russell talk about Nietzsche 0 people
  145. Watch Bertrand Russell's message to the future 0 people
  146. Watch Bertrand Russell talk about why he does not believe in God (1959) 0 people
  147. Know the amount of Land Rovers ever sold 0 people
  148. Learn about the X26 taser 0 people
  149. Learn more about the Taser 0 people
  150. Learn about amalgam 0 people
  151. Know about dumdum bullets 0 people
  152. Know how much Roger Allsopp raised from his English channel swim 0 people
  153. Know how long it took Roger Allsopp to swim the English Channel 0 people
  154. Acknowledge the Barbary lion 0 people
  155. Acknowledge aye-ayes 0 people
  156. Acknowledge the pied tamarin 0 people
  157. Acknowledge the Coquerel's sifaka 0 people
  158. Know the daily guideline amount of salt for toddlers 0 people
  159. Know how many hair transplant operations were carried out in Europe in 2010 0 people
  160. Know when The Communist Manifesto was published 0 people
  161. Learn more about the effects of pepper spray and Mace 0 people
  162. Know about the Man Booker Prize 0 people
  163. Learn about the case of the 'Piano man', Andreas Grassl 0 people
  164. Acknowledge the burkini 0 people
  165. Learn about quantitative easing 0 people
  166. Learn about pulque 0 people
  167. Learn about BT's Openzone Wi-Fi 0 people
  168. Know the number of feral cats in the world 0 people
  169. Learn about the Brighton Pavillion 0 people
  170. Know who the creator and writer of Postman Pat was 0 people
  171. Know the cost of 1000 litres of tap water in the UK 0 people
  172. Know the definition of 'hydroponically' 0 people
  173. Learn about Le Bois des Moutiers 0 people
  174. Learn about the SS Gairsoppa 0 people
  175. Know about high-frequency trading (HFT) 0 people
  176. Acknowledge Silvio Berlusconi owns AC Milan 0 people
  177. Know what Jackspeak is 0 people
  178. Know what 'QC' stands for 0 people
  179. Acknowledge Kalashnikovs account for one in six of all guns worldwide 0 people
  180. Learn about pleather 0 people
  181. Know how many metres in a yard 0 people
  182. Learn about the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) 0 people
  183. Know when the Royal Bank of Scotland was founded 0 people
  184. Know about the murder of Pat Finucane 0 people
  185. Know who the creator of Teletubbies was 0 people
  186. Know what a colliery is 0 people
  187. Know what aetiology is 0 people
  188. Know about Benjamin Franklin's studies into the common cold 0 people
  189. Know when the Nobel prizes began 0 people
  190. Know when the Mary Celeste was found abandoned 0 people
  191. Know about the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) 0 people
  192. Learn about Delapré Abbey 0 people
  193. Know when Delapré Abbey was built 0 people
  194. Know in what year Dolly the sheep was cloned 0 people
  195. Know how old Joanna Yeates was when she was murdered 0 people
  196. Acknowledge the Hayward Gallery 0 people
  197. Acknowledge that most UK satellite dishes point to the south-east 0 people
  198. Acknowledge Christian churches are normally aligned west-east, with the main altar at the eastern end to face the sunrise 0 people
  199. Acknowledge gravestones are aligned west-east 0 people
  200. Acknowledge that the niche in mosques point in the direction of Mecca 0 people
  201. Acknowledge that the wind in the UK comes from the south-west more often than from any other direction 0 people
  202. Know how to discern direction using religious buildings 0 people
  203. Know how to discern direction using trees in the UK 0 people
  204. Know who Lisa del Giocondo was 0 people
  205. Acknowledge that the 13 stripes on the Star-Spangled Banner represent the colonies that rebelled against the British monarchy and became the first states of the Union 0 people
  206. Acknowledge that the Coca-Cola bottle was created in 1915 by Earl R Dean 0 people
  207. Know when Wangari Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize 0 people
  208. Know what pithoi are 0 people
  209. Know about the first evidence of writing in Europe 0 people
  210. Know about the Mycenaeans 0 people
  211. Know about the Minoans 0 people
  212. Learn about Pavlopetri 0 people
  213. Acknowledge the Taylor Report 0 people
  214. Know about SS Mantola 0 people
  215. Acknowledge that the SS Gairsoppa contained the largest haul of precious metal ever discovered at sea 0 people
  216. Acknowledge that Big Ben leans 0.26 degrees to the north-west 0 people
  217. Acknowledge that Big Ben is 95 metres high 0 people
  218. Acknowledge that Big Ben is 0.5 metres out of alignment at its highest point 0 people
  219. Acknowledge that Big Ben is 153 years old 0 people
  220. Acknowledge that the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts by five degrees 0 people
  221. Know the definition of 'unleavened' 0 people
  222. Know about the NRS social grades 0 people
  223. Know what 'ABC1' means 0 people
  224. Know what 'C2DE' means 0 people
  225. Know about charge-couple devices (CCDs) 0 people
  226. Acknowledge that there are 88,000 electricity pylons across the UK 0 people
  227. Acknowledge that electric pylons were first constructed in the 1920s 0 people
  228. Acknowledge that UK electricity pylons are around 50 metres high 0 people
  229. Acknowledge that Gibson produce 700 guitars a day 0 people
  230. Acknowledge the Lacey Act 0 people
  231. Know what China's emergency number is 0 people
  232. Acknowledge that Google Earth has been downloaded over one billion times (October 2011) 0 people
  233. Learn about Oxford iWriter 0 people
  234. Acknowledge that Unesco was founded in 1945 0 people
  235. Acknowledge that John Shepherd-Barron is the inventor of the cash machine 0 people
  236. Acknowledge that the average person takes 25,000 breathes a day 0 people
  237. Learn more about the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs 0 people
  238. Acknowledge that the pencil dates back to the 16th century 0 people
  239. Acknowledge that in the USA in 1998, the state of Georgia issued mothers of newborn babies with their own Mozart discs 0 people
  240. Acknowledge that the Royal British Legion distributed 45 million poppies in 2010 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 0 people
  241. Acknowledge France's Monuments aux Morts 0 people
  242. Acknowledge just about all of France's 36,000 communes have their own Monument aux Morts 0 people
  243. Acknowledge the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 0 people
  244. Acknowledge that Northern Rock has more than 70 branches 0 people
  245. Acknowledge that Northern Rock was formed 1997 0 people
  246. Know about Virgin Money 0 people
  247. Acknowledge that Northern Rock Building Society was founded in 1965 0 people
  248. Acknowledge that Northern Rock received financial support from the Bank of England in September 2007 0 people
  249. Acknowledge that Northern Rock was nationalised in February 2008 0 people
  250. Acknowledge that US paper bills are 75% cotton 0 people
  251. Acknowledge that Australia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Romania and Vietnam all use purely polymer banknotes 0 people
  252. Acknowledge that 23 countries use polymer banknotes 0 people
  253. Acknowledge that Heathrow airport deals with an average of 1,300 flights a day 0 people
  254. Watch TED presentation: "Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity" (February 2006) 0 people
  255. Acknowledge that Facebook limits users to having 5,000 friends 0 people
  256. Acknowledge that in 1984, the city of Dubuque had an unemployment rate of 23% 0 people
  257. Know about thalidomide 0 people
  258. Know how to calculate BMI 0 people
  259. Acknowledge that three billion clips are watched on YouTube per day 0 people
  260. Acknowledge that the infinity symbol is also called a lemniscate 0 people
  261. Know what a Möbius strip is 0 people
  262. Acknowledge that the Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing on Earth visible from space 0 people
  263. Acknowledge that Yahoo! offered to buy Facebook in 2006 for $1bn 0 people
  264. Acknowledge that Microsoft offered to buy Facebook in 2007 for $15bn 0 people
  265. Acknowledge that synaesthesia is eight times more common among artists and creative people 0 people
  266. Learn about botnets 0 people
  267. Acknowledge that black mambas are the fastest and most dangerous snakes in Africa 0 people
  268. Acknowledge that ibuprofen was developed in a small test lab in a house in Nottingham in 1961 0 people
  270. Acknowledge that "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking has sold 10 million copies 0 people
  271. Acknowledge that there are 5,000 professional football players in Britain 0 people
  272. Acknowledge that up to 7,000 different languages are estimated to be spoken around the world 0 people
  273. Acknowledge that Europe has 260 native languages 0 people
  274. Know about euro locks 0 people
  275. Acknowledge that the Tokyo Sky Tree is 634m high 0 people
  276. Acknowledge that the Tokyo Sky Tree is the second tallest building in the world 0 people
  277. Know what a nunatak is 0 people
  278. Know what philately is 0 people
  279. Learn more about PCP 0 people
  280. Acknowledge the Moho boundary 0 people
  281. Acknowledge that the practice of concealing objects in buildings to ward off evil spirits was widespread in England from the 17th Century 0 people
  282. Learn about chia 0 people
  283. Know about sclerophyll 0 people
  284. Know about the Schmallenberg virus 0 people
  285. Know what cynophobia is 0 people
  286. Acknowledge that over three million years ago, Ethiopia's Afar region was wooded and had lakes 0 people
  287. Acknowledge that there are over 450 choices of size for breast implants 0 people
  288. Acknowledge that 1,522 people died in the Titanic sinking 0 people
  289. Acknowledge that the Titanic sank on 14th April 1912 0 people
  290. Acknowledge that more than one in ten mugging victims in the UK get anxiety or panic attacks afterwards 0 people
  291. Learn about the Thames desalination plant 0 people
  292. Acknowledge that FA Porsche first designed the Porsche 911 model in the early 1960s 0 people
  293. Acknowledge that FA Porsche's grandfather, Ferdinand Porsche, designed the Volkswagen Beetle 0 people
  294. Know about the Jaguar F-type 0 people
  295. Acknowledge that the average life of a cherry blossom tree is 30 years 0 people
  296. Know about Leadville Trail 100 in 1993 0 people
  297. Learn about the Tarahumara 0 people
  298. Know about the Rarámuri 0 people
  299. Acknowledge that that the Shard is 1,016ft (310m) tall 0 people
  300. Learn about the Holy Thorn Tree of Glastonbury 0 people
  301. Know about Stoke Mandeville Hospital 0 people
  302. Acknowledge that the Titanic wreck was discovered by Dr Robert Ballard in 1985, 2.5 miles below the surface of the north Atlantic 0 people
  303. Learn about RMS Carpathia 0 people
  304. Learn about psychodrama 0 people
  305. Know about RMS Balmoral 0 people
  306. Acnowledge that Matt Groening told Smithsonian magazine he based The Simpsons fictional town on Springfield, Oregon 0 people
  307. Learn more about the Raspberry Pi 0 people
  308. Know about Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) 0 people
  309. Acknowledge that the British Government currently provides £15 million a year for Buckingham Palace's upkeep 0 people
  310. Learn about the Michael Fagan incident 0 people
  311. Learn about the University of Ulster 0 people
  312. Acknowledge that the University of Ulster was established in 1968 0 people
  313. Acknowledge that in January 1917, the fishing village of Hallsands in England collapsed into the sea and a total of 29 homes were lost 0 people
  314. Acknowledge that the Wales Coast Path is the world's first coastal path network to cover an entire country 0 people
  315. Acknowledge that David Beckham has a fortune of £160m 0 people
  316. Acknowledge that Tiger Woods has a fortune of £538m 0 people
  317. Know about the Great Outdoor Gym Company (GOGC) 0 people
  318. Learn about the Antikythera Mechanism 0 people
  319. Learn more about iron gall ink 0 people
  320. Learn about the Diamond synchrotron 0 people
  321. Learn about the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 0 people
  322. Watch BBC Click (14th April 2012) 0 people
  323. Acknowledge that Gina Rinehart is said to be worth $28 billion 0 people
  324. Acknowledge that Google has over 32,000 employees 0 people
  325. Acknowledge that during the Blitz, Buckingham Palace and its grounds were bombed on sixteen separate occasions 0 people
  326. Learn about Munchausen syndrome 0 people
  327. Acknowledge the term 'Munchausen by internet' (MBI) 0 people
  328. Know about fishscale cocaine 0 people
  329. Acknowledge that Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981 0 people
  330. Acknowledge that Willow Glass can be made to be 0.05mm thick 0 people
  331. Acknowledge that the cost of a guidedog over its lifetime is £50,000 0 people
  332. Acknowledge that Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre opened in 1577 0 people
  333. Acknowledge that 10 million viewers watched BBC One's coverage of the Thames River Pageant for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 0 people
  334. Acknowledge that the Arctic ice cap is losing around 15-20% of its mass per decade 0 people
  335. Acknowledge the term 'dual-use research of concern' (DURC) 0 people
  336. Acknowledge that the death penalty was abolished in Britain in 1969 0 people
  337. Acknowledge that the death penalty was abolished in Northern Ireland in 1973 0 people
  338. Acknowledge that the Star-Spangled Banner is set to the tune of an old drinking song 0 people
  339. Learn about the Star-Spangled Banner's origin 0 people
  340. Acknowledge that Liam Holden was the last person to be sentenced to death in the United Kingdom 0 people
  341. Acknowledge that Alan Turing came up with the stored programme concept in 1936 at King's College 0 people
  342. Acknowledge that CAPTCHA is used by more than 350,000 websites 0 people
  343. Learn more about TED 0 people
  344. Learn about jenkem 0 people
  345. Acknowledge that between 1830 and 1850 a Belgian scientist invented the BMI index 0 people
  346. Acknowledge that there are only 31 excavated horse burials in Britain and they were all buried alongside men 0 people
  347. Acknowledge the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) 0 people
  348. Acknowledge the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor) 0 people
  349. Acknowledge that Apple sold 40 million tablets in 2011 0 people
  350. Acknowledge that Cleveland, Ohio declared bankruptcy in 1979 0 people
  351. Acknowledge that French Data Network is France's oldest Internet provider 0 people
  352. Acknowledge that in its heyday, there were nine million Minitel terminals in French households 0 people
  353. Acknowledge that the cost of travel by air and rail for for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to attend official engagements in 2011/2012 was over £1.3 million 0 people
  354. Acknowledge that with no ozone layer, we would have 70 times more UV than we do now 0 people
  355. Acknowledge that the Tomb of Askia was built in 1495 0 people
  356. Acknowledge that Israel was founded on 14th May 1948 0 people
  357. Acknowledge that the Shard skyscraper will be officially opened on 5th July 2012 0 people
  358. Acknowledge that the Shard is 95 stories high 0 people
  359. Acknowledge that Sindy was the UK's most popular doll with about 80% of the fashion doll market at her peak in 1985 0 people
  360. Acknowledge that Barbie was created by the company Mattel 0 people
  361. Acknowledge the term 'acquired situational narcissism' (ASN) 0 people
  362. Learn about Kinesio tape 0 people
  363. Acknowledge that homosexuality in China was decriminalised in 1997 0 people
  364. Acknowledge that commercial planes are struck by lightning once a year on average 0 people
  365. Learn about the Silk Road 0 people
  366. Acknowledge that 400 million tweets are made each day 0 people
  367. Acknowledge that Wikipedia is 50 times larger than the Encyclopaedia Britannica 0 people
  368. Acknowledge that English Wikipedia contains over four million articles 0 people
  369. Acknowledge that Wikipedia has almost 23 million articles in all languages 0 people
  370. Acknowledge that there are 23 James Bond films 0 people
  371. Learn about matatus 0 people
  372. Acknowledge that European airspace is divided into 650 sections 0 people
  373. Learn about the 1991 Maastricht Treaty 0 people
  374. Learn about the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) 0 people
  375. Learn about Black Monday 0 people
  376. Acknowledge that Penguin was established in 1935 0 people
  377. Acknowledge that the first microwave meal came on to the market in 1986 0 people
  378. Learn about Black Sunday 0 people
  379. Learn about the Dust Bowl (AKA the Dirty Thirties) 0 people
  380. Learn about pharmacoepidemiology 0 people
  381. Acknowledge that the average Irish person drinks 95 litres of beer per year 0 people
  382. Acknowledge that pigeons can fly over a mile a minute 0 people
  383. Acknowledge that the Sunda pangolin is the only mammal in the world to be covered in scales 0 people
  384. Acknowledge that for about 8,000 years wheat has been the basic staple food of many major civilisations 0 people
  385. Acknowledge that 80% of men in England & Wales smoked at the height of its popularity 0 people
  386. Acknowledge that Lego bricks were launched in 1958 0 people
  387. Acknowledge that 70% of e-mails sent on the Internet are spam 0 people
  388. Acknowledge that Yuma, Arizona is the only inhabited place on Earth with more than 4,000 hours of sunshine a year, with an average of 11 hours of sun a day 0 people
  389. Acknowledge that Mawsynram, India is the wettest place on Earth, with an annual average rainfall of 1,872mm 0 people
  390. Acknowledge that the highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth is 231 mph at the weather observatory on Mount Washington, New Hampshire in April 1934 0 people
  391. Acknowledge that printing was invented in 1450 0 people
  392. Learn about the Brady Bill 0 people
  394. Learn about diamorphine 0 people
  395. Learn about the Thiel Fellowship 0 people
  396. Learn about the Yeomen of the Guard 0 people
  397. Acknowledge that the average height of European men has risen by almost 11cm since the mid-19th century 0 people
  398. Learn about Beneforte 0 people


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