Adar's 53 goals tagged connect
  1. learn romanian 183 people
  2. Marry the love of my life. 960 people
  3. share quotes 109 people
  4. knit for Project Linus and other charities 0 people
  5. have a close friend for 20 years 6 people
  6. mail a postcard to The Robots from one of my 43 Places 24 people
  7. create a home of love and light 10 people
  8. start a 43t group to exchange "great books" info 0 people
  9. participate in SETI@Home 0 people
  10. email the President and my congress representatives on a regular basis voicing my displeasure, and rally for things to get done 0 people
  11. take an entire week off -- really OFF. 1 person
  12. Help Todd and Deni to 10,000 cheers! 0 people
  13. Find 10 people in 15 cities who are passionate about their city and want to help with a new project for 43 Places 66 people
  14. Share insights about how to use 43Things to best advantage, how it can be an aid to accomplishment, not a distraction 376 people
  15. Take my country back - Step 1, get educated! 0 people
  16. find 10 people in San Francisco who are passionate about it and want to help with a new project for 43 Places 7 people
  17. fund a microloan through 20 people
  18. set up my professional website 1 person
  19. Buy our own Ruth G's book of poetry, and encourage others to do the same. 1 person
  20. participate in a 43T working-at-home support group 2 people
  21. create peace in the Middle - East 2 people
  22. Give the needy food they would actually like. 70 people
  23. remember to click on dwlt's google ads periodically 0 people
  24. Send hugs and support to Trauma_Junkie on the loss of her grandpa 1 person
  25. Wish other 43Ters Shana Tova :) 0 people
  26. celebrate Ruth's New Job, which starts Monday, by sending her run-on sentence Good Wishes that will make her smile and laugh and celebrate her very Ruthness... 0 people
  27. obtain 43Ters' thoughts on how to blog and surf more efficiently and effectively. 0 people
  28. talk back! 0 people
  29. Ask my 43T Friends to cheer bomb B who is Zenboy2006 for his Birthday 10/19/06 0 people
  30. not give up on 43things because of the seemingly constant application errors I encounter that won't let me easily use my cheers, which are subsequently lost when I return. 2 people
  31. obtain pins on my guest map from 43Ters who cheer me. 5 people
  32. keep my "launching pad" livable. 0 people
  33. give tzedakah often and well 2 people
  34. Declare 12/2 to 12/9 Favorite Peanuts Character Avatar Week 0 people
  35. Focus my thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, etc on World Peace on the Winter Solstice, Dec 21 1 person
  36. Give the UNTIED Way. 0 people
  37. write 100 reviews on 0 people
  38. rearrange my life to deal with the current family crisis 0 people
  39. post random questions on a random basis to see what discussions might result 0 people
  40. assume the best about participants on 43T 0 people
  41. Wish Emily a happy birthday on April 18! 0 people
  42. Organize a Bay Area meet-up 0 people
  43. Spread understanding about Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating 2 people
  44. help catattack get to 3000 cheers! 0 people
  45. persuade 10 friends to make loans through 0 people
  46. 43 things I like about the place I live 1 person
  47. encourage everyone to display their "recent activity" to make it easier to cheer their comments 0 people
  48. bond with other INFPs 2 people
  49. find 43 colorful rubber bands and send them to HippieChick 0 people
  50. Clean up/out my apartment 0 people
  51. wish wren a piano-playin', Becca and Elbee rompin', Mr. wren snugglin' happy wonderful birthday on August 24! 0 people
  52. Make Elul 5770 a good one. 0 people
  53. write down what I have learned about parenting 0 people


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