Hummingbird Medicine

is finally starting to screw her head back on.

Hummingbird Medicine's 27 goals tagged overwhelm
  1. Finish reading the Bible 137 people
  2. notice nature 0 people
  3. requalify success and take my own path 0 people
  4. change the look of my home 0 people
  5. hit the books 0 people
  6. ace the term 0 people
  7. relax and play 0 people
  8. stop having such an incredibly sad life!!! 0 people
  9. be at peace with the fact that my family of origin is not equipped to be a support system for me 0 people
  10. provide beautifully for myself and the family I'm creating 0 people
  11. live in consciousness of The Secret Things of God - the *real* "Law of Attraction"! 0 people
  12. stand in integrity/stand like a warrior 0 people
  13. quit living in chaos 0 people
  14. Live by my own code 1 person
  15. Empowered version: be happier than a pig in slop/Depressed version: live the lifestyle I want instead of watching other people live it and wondering what's the matter with me 0 people
  16. remodel my socialization 0 people
  17. grab the wheel of my life and drive somewhere good 0 people
  18. be who I am and show it 0 people
  19. practice being a good mother to my inner child and my cat-boy-child so that if I wanted to mother a physical human child, I'd feel slightly more competent and ready 0 people
  20. treat myself the way I'd expect a good man to treat me if I chose to date someone 0 people
  21. be a spiritual bombshell 0 people
  22. meditate 70 times in 45 days 0 people
  23. pray 90 times in 45 days, and pray daily for all those affected by cancer 0 people
  24. relax and play my music - frequently enough, long enough, and attentively enough that I can feel ready for coffee house gigs and recording demos like I did ten years ago 0 people
  25. do the work and the near-term planning; skip the drama and the long-term worrying 0 people
  26. get out of my little world - think big and put others first 0 people
  27. *Give it up!* WRT Mom. Gautama spoke of the "eight worldly winds" - praise and blame, good and bad reputation, pleasure and pain, gain and loss...well they *all* blow from her direction so I have to either get some better ballast or get used to capsizing 0 people


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