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New Isabella's 20 goals tagged 2011 birthday
  1. Wish Todd Schoonover another happy year of goals met, marathons run, and memories treasured on September 15th 0 people
  2. On January 9, remind Faustus of how awesome he is and wish him a happy new year in his new home! 0 people
  3. Wish Tikini a healthy, consciousness raising Birthday as she turns "sexy sixty" on March 3rd. 0 people
  4. Wish MamaKitty a creative, playfull and complaint free Birthday on March 1st 0 people
  5. Wish OasisOfCalm a clutter free, creative birthday on March 1st full of laughter and new things to try 0 people
  6. Wish Doris an exquisite Birthday as she celebrates joyfully and easily on March 13 0 people
  7. Wish Razz51 a mindfully healthy Birthday on April 3 and a year ahead full of successfully getting the things she really wants !!! 0 people
  8. Wish Ru a Magical Birthday on April 8 0 people
  9. Wish ~bp a Birthday full of colour and wonder on 24th May 0 people
  10. Wish HippieChick2 the coolest Birthday ever on 5 July 0 people
  11. Wish Colleen_C_C a Very Warm Summery Belated Birthday On July 28th! 0 people
  12. Wish New Isabella a wonderful birthday, filled with cool breezes, warm kitties, and happy thoughts, on August 24!!! 0 people
  13. Find a way to share birthday goals, since we are no longer able to send out invitations 0 people
  14. Invite one and all to a kick-ass Happy Birthday celebration for wren on August 24 0 people
  15. Wish Dear Rat an Unforgettably Wonderful, Tidy and Circumspect Birthdaypalooza on September 3 0 people
  16. Wish the Wonderful Saraband a free of Frogs but full of Flowers Happy Birthday on Sep 23! 0 people
  17. Wish yogamom a groovy birthday filled with peace, love, and beatles! 0 people
  18. Dance Dance Dance with Flirt on November 11 for her magical 11-11-11 Birthday! 0 people
  19. Wish sodamnlucky a very happy birthday on November 19th! 0 people
  20. Wish seasonsoflove a Happy Birthday on the 18th December = ] 0 people


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