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New Isabella's 71 goals tagged birthday
  1. Wish BeeContent/Compassionist a Compassionate Birthday June 21 0 people
  2. wish Todd Schoonover a happy healthy and full of love birthday on September 15th 0 people
  3. Celebrate (somewhat belatedly) Tink's August 16th birthday 0 people
  4. help emchik complete her personal challenge goal by wishing her a wonderful 30th birthday by tomorrow, Sept, 22 0 people
  5. Wish Flutterbyyou a Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving Birthday this Nov. 23! 0 people
  6. cheerbomb the amazing Rondrea (msmathis) on her birthday, DECEMBER 30! wishing her a happy birthday along with best wishes for 2008! 0 people
  7. Wish ShipwreckMazuma a fantastic, festive, fun birthday on December 1st 0 people
  8. wish pixelfun1 a picture perfect Birthday on December 12th and hope all her dreams come true 0 people
  9. Feng Shui RedbirdLady/Lisa Goldenstraw a Cultivated Gi Birthday December 25th 0 people
  10. Celebrate Jesus Christ's Birthday on December 25th 0 people
  11. Wish John Lee A Fantastic Birthday On Jan.20th 0 people
  12. Help Julie Jordan Scott Have The Best Birthday Ever On Jan.29th 0 people
  13. celebrate the super-cool, very funny, and world travelling Russellviii's birthday on the 20th 0 people
  14. Wish Oogyboogawa...God's T-Shirt Man, a T-rific birthday on January 22 0 people
  15. Wish the sparkling, dazzling Gemmword a belated birthday because Flirt totally forgot her birthday on January 9th 0 people
  16. Wish Celtic Christian a verry Happpy Birthday on Feb. 1 !! 0 people
  17. Wish Des a care-free, Disney-like Birthday on February 25th 0 people
  18. Wish Doris a Blessed, Peaceful, Energetic and Fun-filled Birthday on March 13th 0 people
  19. Wish MamaKitty a (belated) "believe in myself" birthday on March 1st! 0 people
  20. wish the lovely kellgo a belated birthday and a year of delights, particularly pink ones 0 people
  21. Wish RevengeNudeFreedom a Birthday that is 100% in His Happy Place amidst oodles of Body Acceptance, Cool Photos on Flickr and Enough Ecstatic Memories to Fill... well, if not a lifetime... then close to it on March 24 0 people
  22. Wish ChloeGoldenHeart a Gorgeously Golden birthday on April 1st! 0 people
  23. Wish our good friend Razz51 the best taking charge of her life, healing and artistic birthday ever on April 3!!! 0 people
  24. Wish Kim N the happiest of birthdays on April 28th 0 people
  25. Celebrate Jennalicious's Cinco de Mayo Birthday Fabulously 0 people
  26. Wish ToddieM a "Foot"-Stompin, "Sole"-fully Delightful Birthday on May 18th 0 people
  27. Wish Johan an AWESOME Birthday on May 16th 0 people
  28. Help "bluepark" celebrate her Birthday (This Memorial Day Weekend) with Lots of Love (similar to what She bestows on ALL her 43T Friends) 1 person
  29. Wish DJStroky an Accident-Free Birthday May 22 0 people
  30. Throw WyvernDust a birthday party, because she's turning 39 on May ???! 0 people
  31. CHEERBOMB intothebreach on july 5, 2008 and send him our best birthday wishes ! 0 people
  32. Wish Trauma_Junkie a Balanced and Less Serious Birthday June 13th 0 people
  33. Wish flowergirlresumed a pretty, glorious and joyful Birthday on 16th June ! Yey ! 0 people
  34. Wish Jamie a birthday full of Health, Romance and Poetry on July 31st 0 people
  35. ~* Wish Uncle the most Beautiful, Loving, Tender big birthday bash ever on August 2 *~ 0 people
  36. Wish Jessy a birthday as remarkable as she is on July 29th! 0 people
  37. Send cheery wishes to Colleen_C_C for her birthday on July 28th! 0 people
  38. Wish Tink a Jubilant birthday filled with Laughter, Dancing, Love and Frienship, and maybe even an adventure or two 0 people
  39. wish wren a lustrous virgo birthday August 24 complete with birdsong and lots of cheers 0 people
  40. Wish New Isabella a mindful, miracle-filled, little bit zany birthday on August 24th! 0 people
  41. Celebrate a Quarter-Century of Agpious August 24th 0 people
  42. Encourage, for Rat Under Paper's September 3 Birthday, a large scale 43T Debonair Cotillion for Women (and Men) of a Certain Sensibility 0 people
  43. Wish Pinknkit a Graceful & Disgraceful & Super Cheery Birthday on September 4. 0 people
  44. Wish Todd Schoonover another happy year of goals met, marathons run, and memories treasured on September 15th 0 people
  45. Wish Turandot a Creative Isolationist Birthday September 10th 1 person
  46. Recognize GaryTh as himself on his Birthday September 11th 0 people
  47. celebrate Pajodama's warm friendship on her Sept. 13 birthday! 0 people
  48. Celebrate Catattack's birthday on Oct 22 with bells, whistles, and birthday cake! 0 people
  49. Wish Bibliomane a Librarylicious September 20 birthday filled with puppy dogs and cheers! 0 people
  50. Wish Rana a Joyful, Nature Loving Birthday, September 16! 0 people
  51. Wish Emchik a Fun, New and Interesting Birthday September 22nd 0 people
  52. Wish SG a SuperGlorious birthday on Oct.2nd 0 people
  53. Celebrate all things "Ira" on September 23rd 0 people
  54. Wish Duckienz a Dazzling, Ducky Birthday on October 10!! 0 people
  55. Gemma turned 19 today (Oct.9th) help her celebrate even if you do it belated! 0 people
  56. Flirt with flirt in the flirt time zone all the way through November 11 for her Birthday!!! 1 person
  57. Wish Bookish a birthday full of treats on October 31st 0 people
  58. Celebrate with Sensational Segsy on November 2nd 0 people
  59. Have a Drink In Sync™ to celebrate Simon's Birthday, November 7 at 11 pm PST (which will mean it lands on his actual November 8 birthday in England)! 0 people
  60. Wish Bedhead2 a Million Times Better Birthday Than Last Year November 12th 0 people
  61. Wish Dreamer~ an extraordinary, inspirational, poetically beautiful 40th birthday on November 17th! 0 people
  62. Wish LitteRuby a Depression Free Birthday November 17th 0 people
  63. Wish Flutter a wonderful birthday on Nov 23rd 08 by sending her a fluttery of butterflies, love and great wishes. 0 people
  64. Wish the Wonderful JudithKD a Motivational Birthday November 25th 1 person
  65. wish Pixelfun an "eye for the prize" birthday on dec 12 2008 0 people
  66. Wish Petersky A Joyous Birthday on Dec.9th (Today!) 2 people
  67. Pour some sugar on Caiti for her Dec.23rd Birthday 0 people
  68. Souhait MaryHawkins par anniversaire simplifié le 18 décembre 1 person
  69. Steal back a bit of DecemBer 25 for Tiisi on her SacRed BirthDay 0 people
  70. Wish Absnasm A Brick-Free 34-is-just-a-backward-43 Birthday December 19 0 people
  71. Send Lisa friendship, hugs and loads of love on her December 25 birthday! 0 people


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