Saafir's 48 goals tagged music
  1. Learn to play the guitar 13758 people
  2. learn to dance 7170 people
  3. make beautiful music 30 people
  4. become a musician 160 people
  5. organize my iTunes 222 people
  6. rip all of my CDs to my hard drive 2 people
  7. build my jazz collection by buying a dozen or more top-flight CDs in 2006 0 people
  8. listen to 40 jazz albums in 1 year 0 people
  9. get at least one person to understand why the Abbey Lincoln songs "Left Alone" and "Throw It Away" make me cry almost every time I listen to them 0 people
  10. learn to easily distinguish jazz drummers; start with Elvin Jones, Billy Higgins, Tony Williams, Paul Motian, Max Roach, and Roy Haynes 0 people
  11. CREATE BEAUTY. Become a steward of music, art, literature, and architecture. Create a life that is a net gain for beauty in the world. 3 people
  12. tune my guitar 3 people
  13. list all of my jazz collection on All Consuming 0 people
  14. learn to easily distinguish jazz drummers; start with Elvin Jones, Billy Higgins, Tony Williams, Paul Motian, Art Blakey, Max Roach, and Roy Haynes 1 person
  15. listen to one-hundred jazz albums in one year 0 people
  16. go to a Confusatron concert and get a free CD 0 people
  17. make three months worth of mp3 jazz cds 0 people
  18. see branford marsalis live in concert 0 people
  19. cultivate my skill at listening attentively to jazz recordings 0 people
  20. vocally transcribe two songs from Sarah Vaughn's Swingin' Easy album 0 people
  21. vocally transcribe two of Sarah Vaughn's songs from her "Swingin' Easy" album 0 people
  22. read the Encyclopedia Britannica article on jazz 0 people
  23. learn about 1920s jazz 2 people
  24. learn all the members of the Wu-Tang clan by voice 0 people
  25. listen to all of Radiohead's recordings 0 people
  26. learn all the members of the Wu-Tang clan 0 people
  27. memorize all of the vocal parts on the Sarah Vaughan "Swingin' Easy" album 0 people
  28. listen to 43 rock albums that are new to me 0 people
  29. learn more about Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, and Duke Ellington 0 people
  30. work out a new arrangement of "Night & Day" 0 people
  31. learn "All of You" as written 0 people
  32. practice like Coltrane 1 person
  33. learn the melody of "Angel Eyes" 0 people
  34. transcribe the Miles Davis 1955 'Round About Midnight version of "All of You" 0 people
  35. learn three of Ray Charles' songs 0 people
  36. finish the "Set Your Voice Free" voice training program 0 people
  37. learn five topics well enough that I can teach them at the college level: philosophy, music theory, evolutionary biology, the history of jazz, and biological psychology 0 people
  38. practice my music two hours a day, three days a week, during the month of June 0 people
  39. make a funkier, sweeter batch of Funk Muffins 0 people
  40. import my CDs onto my hard drive and sell half of them 0 people
  41. practice singing and guitar for two hours a day, six days a week, for one week 0 people
  42. finish the 600 hour challenge 0 people
  43. collect 100 definitive funk albums 0 people
  44. practice for seventeen hours this week 0 people
  45. make beautiful music: as infectious as Micheal Jackson with Quincy Jones, as elegiac as Eric Dolphy, as quirky and funky as Prince, as ebullient as Ella, as doggedly passionate as Coltrane; 0 people
  46. collect 20,000 excellent songs (Jazz, Funk, Soul, Electronica, Avant-Garde, Folk, Blues, and Rock) 0 people
  47. finish the entire Hal Leonard Guitar Method: learn 80% of the songs and 96% of the chords 0 people
  48. create a jazz, soul, and blues show based on Alice Walker's short story "Roselily." Perform it with at least a quartet of other musicians by August 30, 2010 0 people


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