Seven's 33 goals tagged motivation
  1. live passionately 5646 people
  2. be more confident 11595 people
  3. take more risks 1078 people
  4. Believe in myself 1348 people
  5. feel the fear and do it anyway 440 people
  6. break free 150 people
  7. inspire and be inspired 278 people
  8. be the best person i can be 236 people
  9. Stop wasting valuable time 37 people
  10. be a leader 193 people
  11. Control my thoughts. 35 people
  12. Take initiative 27 people
  13. Find out what I'm good at 97 people
  14. Figure out what motivates me 90 people
  15. be the best version of myself 41 people
  16. Learn from other people's mistakes 1 person
  17. figure out how to learn from my bad experiences 12 people
  18. Stop thinking of myself as a victim of circumstances beyond my control 1 person
  19. Hack my brain 1 person
  20. wing it! 0 people
  21. make a list of 365 quotes that inspire me 169 people
  22. put William James' words to the test: "Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." 2 people
  23. don't spend my whole life dreaming. wake up and make things happen. 3 people
  24. Think of all the things I would do if I won the lottery, and then look for ways to work towards them now, even without a multimillion dollar bank account 8 people
  25. Progress, Not Perfection 10 people
  26. Don't EVER let myself become the person who is content to live an ordinary life and who is afraid to dream and to do BIG things 0 people
  27. Work towards reaching at least one of my 43T goals each day 1 person
  28. find inspiration in the past, not regrets 0 people
  29. not be a slave to hope, nor a slave to waiting 0 people
  30. be more disciplined and motivated 0 people
  31. find my happy spot again 2 people
  32. own up to my faults, learn from my mistakes and let go of guilt & regrets 1 person
  33. destroy fear, self-doubt, anxiety and laziness 1 person


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