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2008 300 43 things a lot ability acting adventure adventurous amazing amphibian angry animal animals annoying art ass assistance awe-inspiring awesome baby back flip bag balance bathroom bear beat becoming better biting body modification book branding camp camp out camping carefree careless caring cash catching change childhood con concentration. confidence connection content costs courage creativity croak crying dance dangerous dawn deep desire desires despline diving dnd dollars dream dreams drinking age being only 15 education enchanting epic europe ever exams excercise excercising excite excitement exercise explore exploring face famous fear fight fighting fill fish fishing fit fitness flips flirt following fourty three things fragile free freedom friend friends friendship fun fundraising furry future german giggling goals good idea grateful grin grins gross grrr guidance gym hand stand happiness happy happy times health healthy helpful herd hobby hook hope hopes horse important impressive improvement ink insanity jane austen joy just in case kid kyaking lake large laughing laughter life life changing line loner lost love love. lovely lovely complex low confidence lyric lyrics martial arts meaning meaningful meditate mirror money mouth movie music myself nature nerd night not being weak not unusual obersavation old open outside over one hundred pack rat pain painful paint paitience parkour party passing patience peaceful personal personal bubbles pimples plans popcorn practice proving my brother wrong. puddle pushing your limit raising the bar rap read relationship relaxation relaxing repluse respect review river sadness saving scabs scars scary school seaking self improvement self-help self-image self-serving selflessness set sexy sight silence silent silly sitting skill skills smelly sneaky song songs spiritual status stay away staying off the computerness stealth strange stranger strong studying style sun sunset sweet swim sword. tap tatto tears teeth thrills tiring trail training transformers travel tricking trip trout trust twlight. understanding unknown vecation vicious vision walking wants warmth watching water waterfall weak weaknesss weight will wimp words work working workout worst worst book ever read worthless write yellow belt young zits


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