excited about 2014!

How calypte is tagging their list
2007 resolution 2008 2008 resolution 2009 2010 43things absnasm achieve achievement activity alcohol ambition anniversary appearance art astronomy attitude attract people attractive avatar baking balance be more positive beauty birthday body books boost bootcamp boring calm career celebration challenge chocolate choice chore christmas clean cleaning code coding commitment community computer computers confidence confident control cooking craft creative creativity database de-rut debt declutter destress determination development different discipline discover domestic domestic goddess dream dreams eating education employment energy enjoy life enthusiasm environment essential exam excitement exercise experience experiences experiment explore extravagance feel good finance fitness focus food four day win free up time freedom fresh air friends fun future g8 get out of rut gifts glass half full goal goals good habits gratitude gtd guitar habit hair halloween happiness happy headology health healthy help helping other people hobby home hope house housekeeping housework ideas image improvement independent indulgence insight inspiration it job joy learn learning life lifestyle listening living long-term looking forward love materialism rules ok mission statement money mood motivation msc music nature necessary necessity new new horizons newness nice novelty nutrition open new doors opportunity optimism options organisation organise others outdoors outstanding pamper passion patience people people power! perception personal growth perspective photography plan planning positive practicality present prettiness prioritise productivity programming project reading reality recipe recipes recognition recycle relax relaxing reminder responsibility responsible rest reward running satisfaction savings scary science seductress technique self-image selling myself sensible sewing shoes short term short-term silly sillyness skill skills sleep smart smiling social social interaction solutions spending splurge spontaneity stamina steady effort strengths strong study stuff success support surround myself with nice things team tech thank you thank you guys! :) thanks tidy time time management to do list treat treats vision web design website weight weight loss wellbeing why the hell not? willpower work writing yummy!


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