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1986 20 year reunion 2007 resolution 43 places 43 things 43places 43t 43t meetup 80s activism aggregation alaska alopecia alopecia areata alopecia totalis alopecia universalis anchor apartment apple art austin autism baking bald bathroom beer birthday blogs bocce ball boring bread budget bug carrick club coffee coke machine community concept i concept ii contractor convention cooking count me in! crazy css david hasselhoff decibel festival deck decorate designer dichotomy dickertator diet diy dj drinking drivers licencse drunk robots eagles education electronic music elysian emotional erg ergometer everyone is invited excercise family fanta film festival finance fishing fitness fly fishing food for sale fun! gorgeous health help holistic fixit home improvement home repair homework honda passport houseplant http://nasoalmo.org/ human i'm not moving anytime soon impossibly possible indie instruments insulate insulation interactive interior decorating interweb jogging justice land learn lee and sachi rock! life local motion local politics locals logic loser maktub mcleod mcleod residence meet-up meetup mental mojos money monotonous montaƱa motorcycle movie movie festival movies multimedia music music festival natural disaster neighborhood no wigs northwest nuke 'em osx party pastries pay forward people personal finance petridish petriproject photography photos plane postcard power users pro-bald pro-bald movement protools purge quack rad record recording remodel residency reunion robot co-op robots rowing running safety samuel l. jackson san francisco sarony scooter sea seattle self-reflection servers shakey's pizza shred siff site stability snakes soda software soup spam spils spiritual sprite survival sxsw sxsw08 synthesizers talking tea teams the ultimate excercise todd gehman tourist attraction travel tv twinf underdog vending machine video vote out the incumbents washington state wealth week in review weekly wingsong work yes we can yngwie malmsteen


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