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10k 2007 43 things 5/7/5 acceptance accomplishment achievment adventure alarm another apartment appalachian trail arrange art attorney backpacking bad music beautiful beauty body books camera camping car cd challenge chores college comedy community companionship computer conan o'brien creativity credit cards criminal defense culture danger david letterman death death penalty debt decision delicious democrat diet dive dog don't panic douglas adams dream drugs dust to dust earth eliminate enjoyment environmental europe european union exercise experience extremely tough fear finance fish fitness florida follow rules forgiveness france freedom friday friend friends fun funeral funny gadgets garden german get in shape get rid of waste goal great music green guitar gym h2g2 haiku hard health healthy heritage hiking hilarious hobby holga home housing instrument intimacy italian citizenship italy jam band japanese poetry kiss knowledge laptop late law school lawyer learn learning life life style live living without fear love lucid manual marry masturbation memory modern money morning moscow movie moving on music nature neat new york observance orange organize overated owe pain paris past patients peace permanence permanent persistance persistence pet photography pointless porn probation procrastination ps2 ps3 read relaxation rip romance russia safety sanity save scuba sea self control self improvement self respect self satisfaction settle sexy simplify skill sleep space spontanious st. petersburg star wars stick shift taping tattoo technology tent towel towel day train trapped travel trust understanding vegetables vegetarian video games wake up water weight loss weightless whistle widespread panic wierd work yoda


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