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I want to model

I did runway in New York and magazines. Definatley worth it for myself but not something that I would let my daughter do.

have a lucid dream
lucid dreams

I’ve only ever done this. For me there is no other way unless I am so dead asleep that I don’t dream at all and that rarely happens.

I had never even heard of “lucid dreams” until 2 minutes ago reading through this site. It’s hard for me to believe that there are people who aren’t conscious in their dreams or who can’t control their dreams…??? hhhhmmmmm although my husband doesn’t dream at all…everyone is different.

Stop letting other's negativity wear me down so much

It doesn’t matter if there is a ram rod in the store I’m in or my kids are just over stimulated and cranky or if someone is down right nasty and I react to it…it wears me down…it quite literally exhausts me.

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