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  1. 1. have laser eye surgery
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  2. 2. join (and go to) a gym
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  3. 3. get a pay rise
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  4. 4. get married
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  5. 5. Lose 20 pounds
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  6. 6. make more eye contact
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get a pay rise

Being a newbie here i added this to my list of things before looking to see how you have all felt about it, the resounding “not worth doing” is making me nervous.

My boss is definatley a * and asking for a payrise my be like giving her permission to make my working day a misery.
Should I wait until the end of my first 12ths for a regular appaisal or ask now 8mths into my job?

get married
perpetually engaged

We’ve been toether for 7yrs and engaged 4yrs, everytime we start planning our funds get swallowed up.
We got engaged after I finished university, we were excited and started planning, then we (i)fell pregnant, we have a son 3now. We were so sure that we’d be hitched soon that our son has a different surname to our own as we were going to double barrel and “give” each other our surnames. Then we needed our funds for a house, then double glazing, then guttering oh it goes on…
So no more excuses. I shall be a bride.

have laser eye surgery
1st post.

I’ve been thinking about having lazer surgery for some time.
I saw one of my students on this site and was told sternley that thinking about things doesnt make them happen.
Absolutley correct, so here I am and this is my first thing.
I have researched and decided upon lasik surgery, due to the type of eye correction needed, I’ve even been saving up my pennies (its not cheap), my next step is to find my nearest clinic, go for a consultation then do it. Sounds easy eh?


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