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write a book
write a book

Where do I even began? I want to write something with minimal amount of characters but deep story line. Not sure how to make it happen.

Save Roe (read all 2 entries…)

I am not sure who’s kid this is but the t-shirt says it all!

list 43 things I like about myself

1. I have more faith then I ever have
2. I am a wonderful mother
3. I am a wonderful wife
4. I am a good person
5. Making people laugh make me happy
6. my children singing make me so happy
7. I am attractive
8. I am very black and white
9. I love hugging my husband
10. I love being hugged
11. I love Indian food
12. I love Mexican food
13. I love food in general LOL
14. I love to be a big kid
15. I love dressing to young for my age
16. I love my hair
17. I love when i do my make up
18. I am photogenic
19. I love baking with my kids
20. I love being a better parent then mine were to me
21. I love that I have raised my children to be loving
22. I love that I am strong enough for change
23. I love that I am always on time
24. I love that I am a peace maker
25. I love that I am the encouragment to my family
26. I love to show my husband how to love.
27. I am smart
28. I think with my heart
29. I care about people
30. I care about animals
31. I care about my friends
32. I love old school cartoons
33. I love making people think outside of the box
34. I love debating
35. I love introducing new things to my friends
36. I love sleeping
37. I love relaxing with friends
38. I love being on the computer
39. I love being me
40. I love surpassing my challenges
41. I love to dance
42. I love to spend time with my family
43. I love being able to say all these things and really mean it.

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