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  1. 1. idk
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  2. 2. date a certain beautiful emo chick
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  3. 3. quit the atrunex clan
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  4. 4. nothing
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  5. 5. continue my youtube videos
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  6. 6. Kill my mom
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  7. 7. go to Germany
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go to Germany

idk y i want to goto germany maybe because i might b part german.

Kill my mom
shes a bitch

all i have to say is. SHES A FUCKIN BITCH!

continue my youtube videos

basicly this started 2 or 3 years ago. its like a 5 video saga theyr all named jeremys game (named after me) and it was great we made 3. 3rd was the best. we tried to make 4 buy it screwed up and 5 was to b the end but we tried to do it and i made other star Ryan cry by hitting him in the head with a metal pipe. so Joesph makes us have stupid powers we PRETEND to use so i quit that and ryan wins. but since im the main star ill do it. watch it to learn about 1 and 2 r retarded.

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