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have one day of my life end like a fairy tale

just for one day, i want everything to go perfect. doubt it’s gonna happen, but damn, a girl can dream can’t she? i just want one day that me and the boy go for a drive and end up in a grass field [ we have LOTS of those where i live ] and lay there, for hours i dont mind. and just really get in touch who i am and who he is. just staring at the clouds without a care in the world. with a pack of smokes and a hand being held. no cellphones and no houses around to bug us, just the feeling of being the only person for a mile radius would bring a smile to my face.

run away for a few days without telling anybody
have to do it!

i have to do this, run away with the boyfriend for just a few days, it’s starting to be summer too! this is a perfect timing, his parents would freak hardcore though, but it’d just be so relaxing to me, just forget who you are for a few, sounds like a good deal to me :]

go back to yoga

used to do yoga every night, but then school started again and just got too busy, hm, just like everyone that stops doing it. maybe i just need some one to modvate me.

that’s what i’m thinking


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