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Get more poetry published (read all 2 entries…)
Here's One Never Seen Before!

And a Touch Too Tender

And a touch too tender
Skims my cheek
Shakes my suspicion
Of what I am
He sees me
He knows me
And still
A touch too tender
Finds me
Wanting to believe

And a touch too tender
His incandescent breath
My disbelieving breasts
Sating lips
Wanting to provide him
A proffer of openness
Arches back

And he takes me
With gentle lips
My symbolic gift
Life feeding a hunger
And a touch too tender
But he listens
To how it must be
Knowing my fears
Waiting patient for time
And a touch too tender
Is a touch just right

Convince the U.S. government to keep looking for MIAs in Vietnam (read all 15 entries…)
In Hope that Someone Reads This

I think one of my 43 things is going to include making an entry on this goal at least once a week. I want to keep Dan Borah’s name alive and maybe this could help.

Dan is still MIA in Vietnam even though the government says his remains are home. His family disagrees.

Think about Dan tonight. It will be nice to know that someone else is doing that.

move to kentucky (read all 2 entries…)
My Father Grew Up in Paris

I tell people that and they’re very impressed until I add the Kentucky part. However, I’ve been to that Paris and I’m much more comfortable in Kentucky.

Paris is near Lexington. Therefore, it is in the middle of horse country. I don’t ride, but I love the animals. They have such elegance.

Mostly, I like the pace of life there. People move and shake, but they seem to do it with more purpose and more emphasis on doing things well rather than just doing them.

I like it there. I could be happy.

Convince the U.S. government to keep looking for MIAs in Vietnam (read all 15 entries…)
Dan Borah

I don’t think that there are many (if any) American MIAs still alive in Vietnam. However, I do know that some creepy stuff has gone on with the returning of remains from there.

Dan Borah was shot down. The Navy knows he hit the ground alive. Remains were returned in 1995, but the family had a lot of science done on the bones and teeth. they don’t belong to Dan. Also, the uniform they returned was not a flight suit like he’d be wearing and it would never have fit him. He was a big man and the clothes were far too small and had no marking on them at all.

My heart tells me that Dan is dead, but the government has closed his case saying that his remains were returned. My goal is to have his name removed from the KIA- remains returned list to the MIA list. That’s all I’m looking for now. It’s a sad story, but Dan’s family
has the right to know.

Today, I sent a letter to Senator Dick Durbin, my senator. I signed all the papers for the Freedom of Information Act and we shall see.

Play guitar better. (read all 3 entries…)
Sentimental Journey

I want to sing with with a guitar accompaniment. I love this song and it’s really good for my voice. The problem is learning the chords. Now, the chords themselves aren’t too bad, but it’s all the moving from one to another. Well, wait a second. The chords are not all that easy, but i can play them. I just don’t think I make the changes as quickly and as well as I need to.

Hmmm – I will try it, but I dont’ have a lot of hope for this one. On the other hand, I do think I can work out “Hurt”. ever since Johnny Cash recorded it, I think I can do it.

For you guitar wannabees like me. Check out they have a lot of songs with chords and tabs. They also have a lessons section to learn how to play better! Great resource.

clean my house (read all 2 entries…)
I'm not really lazy

I’m really not. Mostly, I’m depressed and physically disabled and i use those as excuses not to clean up things. I have a couple of rooms that are spotless, but my basic private living area is yucky.

I don’t have money to hire someone, but I may have to bite the bullet and do that just to catch up.

One box at at a time is what I keep telling myself, but I seem to make two boxes for every box I toss.

So, maybe if i keep talking about it here, I can get my butt moving! One can hope!

Rid myself of hate (read all 4 entries…)
This Bothers Me a Lot

For the most part, I am a loving person. I give people the benefit of the doubt for a lot of things. I also know when I’ve messed up, but there is this one person who I feel has truly made a point of hurting me and I feel hatred toward her and toward what she’s done.

I need to find a way to get rid of these feelings. I can’t let her be this important in my life, but she has essentially destroyed an acquaintance relationship with some who is dear to me. Her words are not true and as this point in time, I have no recourse but to sit on my hands and wait another six to eight weeks before I try to rectify things.

i don’t want to hate anyone, but this person comes very close to being on my short list. Well, I have a short list of folks who deserve to be there. I guess she’s on a second list. Even she’s not creepy enough to be on the short list.

I want to get rid of these feelings. they are not making my life happier and that needs to be my focus.

volunteer more (read all 2 entries…)
Special Ed Kids

Next Tuesday, I’m taking my guitar to the local Special Recreation Association and playing for two groups of kids; one at 11:30 and another at 12:30! I can’t wait!

I’ve worked with Special Populations most of my adult career. I also love to sing and I’ve done a lot of music within my job. I was at a local restaurant where a group of staff from the association was having a staff meeting. I went up to the leader after their meeting and asked if I could volunteer. She said yes!

And now we’re set. Next Tuesday I sing for the kids. SQUEEEEE!!!!!

find inner peace

I want to get over a four year period in my life that happened when I was a little kid. No, it was not my father or mother or brother or my sweet uncle who lived downstairs. it was someone else and he died two years after he stopped fooling with me. I keep hearing that I’m supposed to forgive him. To be honest, I don’t want to and that’s because I’m still looking for a working definition of forgiveness. You’re ten minutes late for an appointment? i can forgive that. no big deal. Hell, even if you scratch my car, I can forgive you, but how do you forgive someone for the things he did to me? And yes, I’ve heard all the “Forgiving him is for your sake, not his.” Okay, then I really don’t get it. I’m not stupid. Actually, I think I’m pretty bright. What is forgiveness? How do I do forgive? Do I have to do it? I don’t want him to think it was ever all right. Yes, I know he’s dead and therefore doesn’t care, but I don’t ever want to admit that it was all right and forgiveness seems to allow for that.

So, do I have a chance to complete this goal? I sort of doubt it.

Get more poetry published (read all 2 entries…)

I have had a few pieces published and only once was I stupid enough to enter something for Be forewarned!!! is a scam that wants you to buy a $45 book for the privilege of their publishing it. That’s beside the point.

Anyhow, legit folks have published me, but the books are tiny and the circulation not so much. However, I can honestly state that I am a published poet.

I have a few pieces at Chicago Poetry. Here’s the URL if you’re interested and truly, you do not have to be.

I’m in Volume Two – look for Slicer.

So, I really liked getting published here and the other two places, but I want to do more. I really want to have a chapbook published. It’s a dream! But then this it the place for dreams!

Play guitar better. (read all 3 entries…)

I’m okay. Not so bad that people cringe, but not nearly good enough. I play adequately for folk music. What I lack in skill, I make for with chutzpah. I’ll play regardless. If it’s right, I’m very happy. If it isn’t, I’m annoyed at myself, but I’ll play anyhow.

What I need to do is practice often enough so I don’t lose my callouses and can play a barred F chord on the seventh fret without it sounding like my cat using my guitar for a scratching post.

sing in public (read all 3 entries…)

Now, I’ve sung in public a lot and have for over 35 years, so it may seem odd that I have this as a goal.

Here’s what I want to do – I want to have people pay for the privilege of hearing me sing. I don’t aspire to be the next great American voice. I would be happy as a saloon singer in a cheesy hotel. I just want to have a career doing the one thing I love most and I haven’t done that yet.

If you’re interested, I sing standards with a small combo backup. I also sing a lot of folk music. For that, I play my guitar and sing. I seem to get more exposure singing folk music than standards, but then there is more opportunity for folk music. Really! There is!!!

I love to sing and for many years I was told it was impossible for me. I was born with a cleft palate that was surgically repaired when I was nine months old. I wear a metal and plastic prosthetic that attached to my teeth so that my speech is understandable. My speech is so damned good now that even speech pathologists can’t tell I have a speech disability.

Maybe this was too much. I’m new here. I’ll pick it up.

Start a small craft business
My Crazy Aunt

I have the name for my company and I have the idea for the business and I can write one heck of a business plan. My problem is that I’m not good at fronting a business. I don’t have a lot of skill in going out and selling my idea or my products.

I’ve started to talk about this idea with a friend of mine who is uber-organized. Maybe something will happen there. She’s ten years older than I am and is looking for something home-based.

Oh! I also registered the domain name and dot a few others. So, I guess I’ve done something.

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