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  1. 1. Feel fully refreshed on 4 hours sleep a night
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  2. 2. Re-learn Chinese
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  3. 3. tell someone I love them
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  4. 4. stop crying
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  5. 5. do something with my life
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  6. 6. come out
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  7. 7. loose 10 pounds
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  8. 8. learn to program better
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  9. 9. learn brainfuck
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  10. 10. Learn how to remember peoples' names
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  11. 11. go rock climbing
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  12. 12. learn to play Debussy's "Claire de Lune" on the piano
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  13. 13. run a marathon
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  14. 14. make some contribution to opensource
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  15. 15. be less anxious
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  16. 16. Visit the Galapagos
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  17. 17. Someone to love me
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  18. 18. Learn to play the guitar
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  19. 19. bike across america
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bike across america
biking trip

Some friends and I might want to get together and bike about 300 miles down a trail that crosses the appalachin mountains… none of us have done any long biking trips before. I’ve biked 50+ miles in one day (and dont think biking 100 miles would be that hard. i just never had the time to try) but I do mostly street biking. The mountain biking i’ve done are basically all going up or down steep dry hills. Biking on trails would probably be mostly flat and probably not dry the whole time. Most of the other people planning on going probably have gone no farther than 10 miles on bike and walk their bikes up hills…
so lodging, do you think we would be exhausted if we carried our own shelter in backpacks and would sleeping outside be unsafe?
also, how long do you think it will take just to bike there and back not including the time spent touring? a week?
some how, i doubt that we’ll ever even reach the appalachins…

Re-learn Chinese
reading and writing

I thankfully still speak fluently. Most people I know who came at my age speak sucky chinese. Plus, my dad tries to talk to me in English so I have no one to speak chinese to. and he makes me speak English back to my sister because she stutters.
However, i have a very hard time reading and writing. I can read okayish, but I can barely write “hi, my name is -
in fact, i cant! i can recognize the characters but not write them.

tell someone I love them

I’ve never said “i love you” to anyone, not even family.
well, i’ve said it in situations where i didn’t mean it and it was obvious but that doesn’t count.
No one has ever said it to me either which is probably why I havent said it to anyone.

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