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bike across america
biking trip

Some friends and I might want to get together and bike about 300 miles down a trail that crosses the appalachin mountains… none of us have done any long biking trips before. I’ve biked 50+ miles in one day (and dont think biking 100 miles would be that hard. i just never had the time to try) but I do mostly street biking. The mountain biking i’ve done are basically all going up or down steep dry hills. Biking on trails would probably be mostly flat and probably not dry the whole time. Most of the other people planning on going probably have gone no farther than 10 miles on bike and walk their bikes up hills…
so lodging, do you think we would be exhausted if we carried our own shelter in backpacks and would sleeping outside be unsafe?
also, how long do you think it will take just to bike there and back not including the time spent touring? a week?
some how, i doubt that we’ll ever even reach the appalachins…

Re-learn Chinese
reading and writing

I thankfully still speak fluently. Most people I know who came at my age speak sucky chinese. Plus, my dad tries to talk to me in English so I have no one to speak chinese to. and he makes me speak English back to my sister because she stutters.
However, i have a very hard time reading and writing. I can read okayish, but I can barely write “hi, my name is -
in fact, i cant! i can recognize the characters but not write them.

tell someone I love them

I’ve never said “i love you” to anyone, not even family.
well, i’ve said it in situations where i didn’t mean it and it was obvious but that doesn’t count.
No one has ever said it to me either which is probably why I havent said it to anyone.

stop crying
whats wrong with me?

Well, I dont cry that often. I dont think anyone has seen me cry in public (or even in private) more than twice. But I cry over the smallest things. when no one is looking. I don’t know if its from depression. Im not diagnosed with depression but then again, no one knows anything about me and I’ve refused to go to psychologists.
My problem with crying is that its usually not altrustic. the cause is something completely selfcentered. a feeling of indignation that has no right to exist. And I tend to get very violent when I start. The unlucky people who has caused the crying fits have seen me threaten to kill with a knife and then proceed in cutting the car seats apart or jumping out the window. It’s dangerous. I can’t stop. At least it only happens rarely. I’m usually not as violent when alone. I’d go run and climb and sit on a tree but that also scares me afterwards because I realize that while on the tree, I’m semi suicidal. (I’m incredibly good at climbing trees. When I’m crying, I usually go all the way to the top. I also completely disregard teh surroundings which is dangerous, especially when treeclimbing.
this all started 2 years ago. family problems. I’m just trying to forget but it comes up so often! Am I doomed to be a self pitying worthless peice of shit? and sometimes, i cry for no reason at all!

come out
what am I?

...first step of comming out – comming out to yourself.
my father is ultra conservative and probably would disown me if I’m anything besides straight. most of my friends are bi though.
I’m currently unsure of my sexuality. Am I bi? I havent experienced any extreme attraction to either sex though. Perhaps I’m androgenous? Or a bisexual transexual? Most people think I’m either butch or a guy. short hair, guy clothing, guy interests, guy manners and habits… well, stereotypically so anyways. I would MUCH rather be born male than female however surgury and all that is scary. (which is why i guess i pretend to be a man… and if its possible at all to crossdress as a man… even so, I still look like a woman.)
I kind of want to come out – at least to my friends, but how?
it would be so much easier if people suspected that I wasn’t straight…

loose 10 pounds

i need to loose weight. I’m in ok shape – not too fat, but i should probably try to be a stable flyweight for crew. I’m about 5 pounds over and would like to be 5 pounds under just so I can be sure that I wont go over and kill the team at weigh ins.
My problem is that i eat obsessively. for example, i ate a half a pound of chocolate today. i cant stop. i start feeling sick and i still cant stop. its so unhealthy too! what should I do?
I do exercise though. well, a little anyways. in the past 2 days, i’ve walked over 20 miles…

go rock climbing

I BEAT THEIR RECORD! i went to an indoor rockclimbing place and i can’t remember how many feet. it was two/three stories. i beat their record for the middle difficulty. 31 seconds. :)
i know walls vary from place to place but I’ve always found it challenging there.

However, i would really like to freeclimb on real rocks.

Someone to love me

I’d like for everyone to stop acting nice just because they feel obligated to. sometimes… most of the time, i doubt that even my family loves me.
it would be nice if someone told me straight out that they loved me… I wouldnt feel like worthless crap at least.

Feel fully refreshed on 4 hours sleep a night
Used to do it. would like to be able to again.

Last year, i would live off of 4 hrs of sleep EVERY night. I felt fine, got good grades and everything. for the past few months, i’ve been needing 6 or even 7 hrs and still feel completely drained. WHAT IS HAPPENING???



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