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  1. 1. infuse more elements of dnb in hiphop
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  2. 2. Not be broke
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Not be broke

Why is money such a fucked up neccesity??!!! I hate to Love it.

Record an album

Had an EP, Masters got stolen new years 04”. Music is such an intgral part of my life. Michigan Hip-Hop is strong now but its almost like a closed circle of artists which is understandable because u gotta stick together as artists around here…its a struggle enough being an artist (of any kind) in general. Michigan is such a bad place economically now, I guess the smaller the circle, the less bread to break. Not that thats right because in my oppinion it goes against what art is..but hey, people gotta eat right?

get out of michigan
Love hate relationship

Born and raised here (Detroit, MI). Finally got the chance to get out and moved to Atlanta for a year and got a good job. Unfortunately they thought it would be a good Idea to send me to work in the Detroit office…WRONG!! the office was a shithole with no organization whatsoever. they then proceeded to lay me off and my life has been a living hell ever since. I love Detroit, and Michigan is a beautiful state, but when the job market/economy is this bad, there is nothing here for me hence why I left in the first place. SCREW THIS.. Unless your makin at least $50,000, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MITTEN IF YOU CAN.


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