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Learn to play the guitar
can't wait!..=)

i can’t wait for the day when i finally learn to play the guitar like a pro :)) (i just don’t know when. haha.) anyway, i never thought of playing the guitar, but these past few days, i just thought, “It would be cool if i knew how to play at least one instrument.” i want to learn how to play either the piano or the guitar…. or both. haha. but before, i already had piano lessons. i think i wasn’t patient enough to finish it though. so now, i’m thinking of learning to play the guitar. now, i really need patience. i know it’s kinda tough learning to play :) and another reason why i want to play the guitar is… i think most guys think girls who play musical instruments are cool :)) haha, so basically, learning to play is for myself and to impress guys. haha. don’t think i’m pathetic. most people don’t want to admit they like to do things just to impress others, but actually, they do :)) haha. soo, i hope someday i’ll learn :)

get the next clique book

I’ve read all the books, all 9 of them, plus the summer collection: Massie :) i can’t wait for Dylan’s! It was just out in stores a few days ago. I’m totally gonna buy it tomorrow!.. I also can’t wait for Alicia’s, Kristen’s, and Kuh-laire’s summer stories!!! These books are ahw-some and ah-mazing! (I really like it when they talk. haha.) Oh, and btw, the next book is P.S. I Loathe You... i sooo can’t wait for that to come out!..=)

say no to gossiping.
Gossip Girl.

my friends and i gossip a lot, but not the kinds of gossip that would hurt people, just some usual steamy gossip. for example, who likes who, who said what, who did what, and a lot lot lot more! i know gossiping isn’t really a good thing to do. i know gossiping is unhealthy. i know that when gossiping, even if you think you’re not hurting anyone, you could be. when gossiping, you don’t even realize that you’re hurting someone already coz it just flows out of your mouth especially when the topic is really juicy. i really would want to say no to gossiping. i know it would be really hard for me. coz sometimes, while gossiping, i’m aware that it’s not good, but i just put aside that thought and continue gossiping! i really hope i can fulfill this goal of mine :)
(i’m 14, a teenager, and in high school, how can i not enjoy gossip???)

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