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  1. 1. Have more self control
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  3. 3. live a life without fear
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have more self control (read all 2 entries…)
self control

going good. the other day, someone who i’ve had problems with for years got me really upset (on purpose) and i just deleted her from why phoen-something i should’ve done ages ago. :) yea for me

have more self control (read all 2 entries…)

So, I just found this site through a blog I read. Another member said that she wants to add ‘not watching so much tv’ to 43things.com, and I of coarse HAD to find out what this site was. So, now, i’ve found it. And it’s amazing.
My first thing is to have more self control. This isn’t really a general life goal; it’s actually geared towards a specific part of my life. I keep fucking it up, because I don’t practice any self-conrtol whatsoever. I can stop myself from doing so many things that are bad for my body, bad for my mind, bad for my soul and heart. But, for some reason, this one hting holds me back.
So, hopefully, I can stop doing it.


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