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  1. 1. find love
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  2. 2. buy an electric guitar
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  3. 3. grow my hair long
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  4. 4. go to sleep early
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  5. 5. Overcome my OCD
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  6. 6. Beat my depression
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  7. 7. be in a metal band
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  8. 8. Work out more
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  9. 9. drink more water
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grow my hair long
I love long hair

Even though I’m a guy, I love long hair. Mine currently reaches the bottom of my neck, hopefully in one year I’ll consider myself a true longhair!

find love

It’s so hard to find somebody with the same tastes as I… It happened once, and I’m doubtful it’ll ever happen again…

buy an electric guitar

I’ve been playing classical guitar for close to a year now, and I love it… I really want an electric guitar because I could play sooooooo many more things (being the metal listener that I am)!


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