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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. Be paid to read books
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  3. 3. travel a lot
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  4. 4. Read the, "100 most meaningful books of all time"
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  5. 5. read the purpose driven life
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  6. 6. graduate from college
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  7. 7. draw more
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  8. 8. Read 100 classic novels
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  9. 9. eat healthier
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  10. 10. Learn Japanese
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  11. 11. Read 1 book a week
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  12. 12. drink more water
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drink more water
I need to drink

Hi! I think it is time for me to be more healthier by drinking more water instead of Tea, and sugar based drinks D: Reason… Well I want to drink more water to cleanse out the things in my body more often than having sugar water to do it. Also, I just want a healthy body that only wants to eat and drink healthy. Also, I want a cool bottle like sigg D: (Don’t laugh at me lol) I want something to contain water that can be cold, cool, and very refreshing after doing rigorous things. Plus, I drink a lot of tea daily… mostly green tea(real chinese tea bags) lol… at least 2 cups a day, and 1 cup of chamomile tea for the past couple of days.

Be paid to read books
I love reading, and I want a job/side job like this too

Hi everyone! I also want to try this as well? Is there a way to do this though? Well, if so can anyone help me? If so, please contact me through private messages or leave comments! I would be happy to hear from someone here who likes reading =]

graduate from college
Life sucks, but it's time to be serious

Well guys… I am a college freshmen (2nd semester), and my parents are paying 22k this year.. and of course because of me.. I caused my family to poor stated, and I want to get better because of the money and time they spent on me! I feel bad when I think about the money that they used on me… worked so hard for, and such. Problem was… last year I was not able to get a loan, because of my late birthday (nov 1st). So in the end my parents paid for it, and first semester I slacked off a bit, but I survived, but I am still not satisfied with my “B’s”, but I thought it could of been worse. However, from this semester onward I will make grades around A’s, and get a loan yearly and make my parents proud of me and graduate with a awesome life/job ahead of me! I want to graduate with a master within the next 3-4 years! I want to speed up my education for my parents and make them feel proud of me and make sure they did not waste their money on me ever again!

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