become a better cook

I started out just doing breakfast- nowI am okay at breakfast- did not burn anything down

Pay off my house in seven years
This one is major

As I approach the big 4-0….I have been blessed to be in a 13 year committed relationship and realize how great it would be to pay this off by 47-48….

we need to buy other property- only one life to live

April Huckaby

snowboard as much as possible

Not only have I had the ability to do this- but I have put together a snowboarding club at our school so that others can enjoy snowboarding …

great sport

April Huckaby

Have a beautiful Tulip garden

I planted thirty bulbs a week this fall and will continue to do so until November 1st…. can’t wait for the spring!

The key is to do a little every week- and to plany different kinds of plants…

Visit New Orleans again by 2008
This goal is now mandatory- and will be done sooner

I had not counted on the hurricane literally wiping out this great city- I will visit sometime in the next year- the economy of New Orleans needs support- Cafe Du Monde- some beignets and hickory coffee sounds good

Buy a condo in Vermont in 2008

I really started visiting Vermont three years ago- it is so amazingly beautiful- If I had grown up there- I never would have left it- you would have to be insane to do so- pure beauty- snowboarding- and country lanes where you are alone- awesome!

Visit San Francisco
My visit home

I am a native San Franciscan- but I had not visited for years…
I went back as an 11th aniversary gift- I would like to recommend a few places- Dinner (expensive but wonderful) SCOMAS on Fisherman’s Wharf- Not so expensive – Cioppino’s – At night- you must drop by the Buena Vista and have an Irish Coffee- it is a San Franciscan tradition- The best time to take the Cable Car is anytime before 9:30 AM….....In Golden Gate Park- make sure that you visit the arboretum and the Japanese Tea Garden- If you exit the back of the Japanese Tea Garden- you will find a path that will lead you up a hill to Stow Lake- rent a boat for a couple of hours- rest your legs- then rent a mountain bike behind the boat house….Have them point out the direction to the beach- it is a 30 minute ride if you are in great shape- 50 minutes if you suck wind- at the end- take pictures and have a wonderful beer at the Beach Chalet
April Huckaby



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