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  1. 1. become scuba certified
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  2. 2. travel
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  3. 3. make my own clothes
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  4. 4. declutter 15 minutes a day
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  5. 5. tell him I love him
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tell him I love him
Unrequited Due to Anonymity

Someday I’ll tell him. But not until I’m a fair match. I have to better myself.

declutter 15 minutes a day
Disorganization is Destroying Me!

I’m hoping to rid myself of things I don’t really need. Hoarding things because of sentimental value or because you think you might use them really sucks because you don’t ever really need these items again! Additionally, you run out of places for them and then you just have piles of junk! I want to change this. :)

Jogging Weekly

I’ve been doing this for about a year now and I’m very satisfied with the overall improvement in my stamina and my leg muscles!

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