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get into shape, but keep my curves (read all 3 entries…)
week of 11/10/09 - experiment

For the rest of this work week, I want to try scheduling a 5 minute stretch break every working hour.

I sit in my chair for hours on end, only getting up to refill water, use the loo, or have a cigarette. That’s not enough movement to keep the circulation flowing. I’d like to literally put “stretch” on my Outlook calendar, on a 90 minute rotation.

When the timer goes off – GET UP. Stretch thoroughly for five minutes.

While it may seem that I can’t afford the time, it might also be true that after stretching, I’m more effective and productive.

I will try it for four days – and then see what comes of it.

Cook and eat what I have before buying more (read all 10 entries…)
Week of 11/8

I have one remaining hunk of pork loin, so that will be the focus of this week’s menu. The prior hunks were extremely dry, regardless of varied marinades and cooking methods – so I will brine this one in apple cider before cooking it.

I have some leftover cornbread muffins; I’m going to crumble them up, add some frozen corn and the last of the shredded cheese, pour on a mixture of milk & egg and bake it for a cornbread casserole to accompany the pork loin.

I bought some roasted vegetables (parsnips, brussel sprouts, carrots, rutabega) this weekend, and that will make a nice side dish too.

Rebuild my cash reserve fund (read all 7 entries…)
Made a deposit

I moved $100 into the reserve fund, bringing the balance to a whopping $105. It’s not much, but then, this goal is part of a larger issue – getting my finances under control. I can’t do a lot on rebuilding the cash reserves until I get the spending under control and get the debt down. Rather than get discouraged about this goal, though, I will try to remember:

Even a few drops at a time eventually fill a bucket.

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