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do something nice for myself (read all 6 entries…)
Birthday coming up = planning a "semi-spa day"

My birthday is next Wednesday, and I am going to try to book appointments for a pedicure, waxing, and haircut. Part of me does not want to spend the money, as I’m trying to pay off debts and rebuild my cash reserves.

The other part of me says that I should continue my annual tradition of being particularly, deliberately, and decadently kind to myself on my birthday.

A full spa day costs about 3x the amount of the items listed above, so this seems like a good compromise – a balance of frugality and doing something lovely for myself.

discard something for every new thing I acquire (read all 17 entries…)
Another large box gone to Goodwill

Most of the items were actually from a friend’s house, where I was helping them move (and purge). Still, at least a third of the box was my stuff – old technology, some clothes, a blanket – and that counts.

re-pot my plants (read all 2 entries…)
One done, many to go

I moved the variegated lemon thyme from a container to a newly established above ground bed this weekend, and repotted a spider plant as well.

I still need to:

1) add soil to the Norfolk Pine
2) consolidate the begonias to a single pot
3) repot a few more spider plants – perhaps in one large, massed planting
4) repot the creeping jasmine topiary

unpack one box per day until they're all done! (read all 17 entries…)
Debating removal of this goal

The boxes that aren’t unpacked yet – do I really want to unpack them at all? If I don’t have a place for those items, perhaps my goal should be to determine what else I can purge – to either make room for the remaining items in boxes, or get rid of those boxes themselves.


be more physically active every day (read all 12 entries…)
Hoping little things add up

1) periodically getting up to walk & stretch throughout the day, so I’m not just constantly perched in front of my computer
2) parking further from the stores, and walking the extra steps to the front door
3) watering the garden
4) finding at least one physically exerting, yet fun thing to do per week

It’s no where near enough to be called aerobic, but it’s more than I was doing before I started on this goal.

set up my sewing and craft room (read all 4 entries…)
Thread holder

When I set up my sewing and craft room the last time, it was in the basement – so I attached pegboard to the studs & used peg hooks to hold all the thread & bobbin spools. I liked being able to quickly spot what thread I had; and immediately being able to put my hands on the matching bobbin.

Since I’m in a rental home with no basement now, I’ve begun the sewing room set up in the spare bedroom. That means no pegboard… so all the thread was in a box. Rummaging for the right spool was no fun! I found a free-standing wooden spool holder at Walmart for $7. It only took a few moments to round up all the spools and pop them onto the holder; so that’s one more step towards getting the room set up.

discard something for every new thing I acquire (read all 17 entries…)
Today I will purge...

At least one box of computer / technology related things I no longer use. A caller ID box from the 80’s? Why do I still have this? Enough phone cable to wire a small office? It needs to go.

This is a “two-fer” – as it provides progress towards another goal of getting rid of computer related stuff I don’t need or want; and, since I have a box of other items to take to Goodwill, allows me efficiency in my trip by taking more stuff.

Technically, I should be purging some clothes, as a balance to clothing (well, costume stuff) I recently bought – but I don’t have much in the clothing area that hasn’t been pruned already.

I’m counting it anyhow, as the net volume of “stuff” will be balanced even if it is not “in kind”.

do something nice for myself (read all 6 entries…)
Scheduling social time

I’ve got two social events scheduled with people I enjoy very much this weekend – and I’ve deliberately scheduled breaks between the events, so I have time to myself as well.

Today’s goal: end work by 6 p.m. It’s ambitious, but achievable – and it would allow me a better start into the weekend itself.

do something nice for myself (read all 6 entries…)
6/11/09 - defiantly choosing action today

I was so overwhelmed with work crises yesterday that I never got to shower & dress; never got to sit still and have a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). One of the disadvantages of working from home…!

This morning, despite the looming deadlines & expectations, I took 90 minutes after I got up and showered, dressed, had coffee on the porch… I also firmly intend to sign out of work by 6 p.m.

When taking care of basic bodily needs becomes an act of “doing something nice for myself”, something is seriously out of balance. Yes, the economy is terrible and yes, I am not in a financial place to be able to risk my job by consistently saying “no” to unreasonable demands. Nonetheless, I have got to get this balanced better – there must be a better approach.

do something nice for myself (read all 6 entries…)
Lovely Saturday

I began the day with a pedicure; went out to brunch with several ladies; and spent the rest of the day in the company of an old friend who recently returned to the area.

It was lovely!

Rebuild my cash reserve fund (read all 7 entries…)
painfully slow, but little drops fill a bucket over time

I’m forcing myself to add $100 per check to the reserve fund, even though it makes me feel a bit panicky. On the one hand, it’s not enough to build a reserve quickly. On the other hand, it’s a big hunk of money that is then not available to pay bills. Hurts on both sides.

I guess that means I’ve hit the right balance of progress on this goal – at least for right now.

Once I have $1k in the reserve, I think I’ll feel better. It needs to be around $5k to feel like it is a sufficient reserve, though.

do something nice for myself (read all 6 entries…)
I need to find ways to do something nice for myself regularly.

I’m insanely busy at work, and also caring for a sick child; supporting a couple of friends through rough times at work, and more. My candle is burning on both ends – AND the middle! It’s easy to use my free time doing the things I must, and that I should, and say I’ll set aside “want” or “just nice” for some later time. The problem is that the “later time” doesn’t materialize.

This isn’t a dress rehearsal, it’s my life and the only one I get. I need to prioritize doing nice things for myself more highly than I prioritize doing them for other people – or I’ll have no energy to spend at all.

unpack one box per day until they're all done! (read all 17 entries…)
1 large box of crystal stemware unpacked

There was a tall (about 4’) box of crystal stemware sitting behind the kitchen table that hadn’t been unpacked as I had nowhere to put the pieces.

I cleared some space and unwrapped everything in the box on Sunday.

If these weren’t family heirlooms, I’d get rid of them. I don’t see myself ever using these pieces… I think most will end up in an obscure cupboard until I move again. I wish my daughter had a permanent home; then I could ask her if having them would mean anything to her. If it didn’t, then I could check with other family members – and if they didn’t want them, I could sell it.

Daughter is teaching English in S. Korea; and is no position to make that kind of call right now. Looks like I’m stuck storing it for the next few years – but at least it’s unpacked and the box is out of the kitchen!

Master bedroom - hang curtains
I have all the stuff; just need to find the time.

I’ve got a couple of different sets of drapes that would work; I have the rod and rings and hardware; I have the drill and wall anchors and a level and measuring tape.

I need to find a couple of hours to get the rod installed and actually hang the curtains so the morning sunrise doesn’t keep waking me up when I want to sleep in a little.

get my teeth fixed (read all 11 entries…)
Dentist appointment yesterday = another issue resolved

The good thing about continuing to go to the dentist is that I’m slowly losing my dread of it. I’m also taking better care of my teeth – flossing more often, rinsing with antibacterials, etc.

Yesterday, he replaced an old filling and added a bit more material to give “better contact” between those two teeth. I felt the difference at supper last night – far less food got stuck (I know, ewwww) and it did not hurt to chew on that side.

My next appointment is this coming Wednesday.

unpack one box per day until they're all done! (read all 17 entries…)
going nowhere with this goal

I haven’t unpacked anything in a couple of weeks, and I’m not really sure how to get back on track here. In theory, if I haven’t seen it, wanted it, or needed it, I could just get rid of it, right? Wrong. I need to see what is in the remaining boxes before I can decide whether to keep it or not. The biggest issue seems to be that I don’t have a set place to put the things I may unpack.

I need to figure out how to overcome my inertia towards this goal, as it does bother me to see the unpacked boxes just sitting there.

Rebuild my cash reserve fund (read all 7 entries…)
Mutual goal setting should be helpful

I had a long talk with my Amor de Jour last night about our individual financial situations. We both agreed that we want to rebuild our individual cash reserve funds – and that we want to find ways to spend time together without spending money. It was wonderful to be able to have such a candid conversation!

We agreed that we would continue to have supper together several times a week – but instead of dining out, I’ll cook and we can eat at my house. He will contribute to the groceries and do the dishes, so it’s a fair trade.

We also agreed to pick one big event every 6 weeks or so that we really want to attend, so that we can individually save up for it without a negative budget impact.

These changes will leave more money in the budget so that our individual cash reserve funds can be rebuilt faster – but won’t cut down on spending time together and enjoying life. Yay!

go to the opera (read all 8 entries…)
4/25/09 Flying Dutchman

The last opera for the season in Atlanta is the Flying Dutchman; our tickets are for this coming Saturday.

I’ve seen this opera before, but I know I will still enjoy it – and I’ve had such a good time with this year’s season tickets, I believe I’ll get another season subscription for next year.

discard something for every new thing I acquire (read all 17 entries…)
Another full bag donated

I took another large bag of stuff to Goodwill this weekend; mostly career clothes and a couple of casual wear items; plus two books. This was a collection of items I set aside, one at a time, as I added new things to the house.

This goal hasn’t gotten any easier, which is why it remains active on my list. I have to consciously force myself to purge in proportion to acquisition; I’m always worried that I “might need” the older items. The fact is that I seldom miss them once they are gone, and I need the discipline that this goal creates. It keeps me from over-buying because I know I must choose something I already own that I “like less” to be discarded.

I’m not 100% consistent, especially in terms of books – but I am getting much, much better about it.

Work fewer than 11 hours per day (read all 6 entries…)
Doing really well on this, so far.

I’ve worked fewer than 11 hours a day 95% of the time this month. If I can remain consistent through the end of the month, I will mark this as completed.

It’s interesting to note that the world hasn’t ended, work-wise, just because I am reclaiming some time for myself.

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