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Deni H

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Do 43 random acts of kindness in 2008. (read all 43 entries…)
At the bus station today...

I saw a man who was having trouble getting his drink out of the machine, and I offered to get it out for him. I think it made his day a little better even though he managed to get it out on his own.

Wish purplefibermom a Gratitude-Embracing Birthday August 18th

You’ve been a great encourager/motivator here on 43T. I hope that today is very special and that this new year of life brings you many things to be grateful for. Hugs.

Solve my job problems. (read all 3 entries…)
Number two:

Now that I’m thinking clearly, there is a lot of organization that needs to be done with my office. I am not one of those people who wants to leave this job with any chaotic situation for my replacement. So, I’m deciding not to “abandon ship” and ask for a transfer until that organization is done.

Overcome stress-eating behavior. (read all 4 entries…)

I had a HUGE craving for chocolate chip cookies and pizza. I was able to talk myself out of the pizza (which isn’t too bad nutritionally if you just limit it and don’t get them from the pizza restaurants for the most part) after a while. But, I didn’t seem to want to talk myself out of the cookies. So, I e-mailed a good friend of mine, and he helped me to make the right decision. Today, I’m doing much better and don’t want any.

Do 43 random acts of kindness in 2008. (read all 43 entries…)
Random act of kindness for the earth

This afternoon, I’m turning off my air conditioner in my apartment. I’m also going to use this opportunity to see if I can maybe raise it a few degrees and still be comfortable.

Try out catering. (read all 2 entries…)
Next week will be...

the third week I’ve been doing this. I haven’t opened a real business, but I’ve started cooking lunch twice a week for coworkers who want to participate, and charging a few dollars a plate.

So far everyone has really enjoyed the meals I’ve cooked. One coworker has nick-named me Paula Deen. :)

Week one’s menu included lemon cream chicken and chicken parmesan. Week two’s menu was chicken pot pie and a jerk pork chop meal.

Now I just need to plan out this coming week’s menu. One person has requested roast beef (which I’ve only cooked once in my life, so I don’t know about it).

What I like about this is that I get to cook a variety of stuff each week, and not have to eat up a whole recipe of something several days in a row. It’s tons easier to cook for a dozen or so than just one or two, to me. I plan it down to where I have zero left-overs, too, so I can have things I don’t normally eat with my diet and not get any seconds. This is also giving me something very therapeutic to do with my time, since I love to cook and don’t have much money to pursue any other hobbies right now.

Find one weekend a month to stay home and relax a little. (read all 11 entries…)
Yet again...

I can use this weekend for this goal. (The economy is REALLY encouraging this goal, a little more than I would like it to.)

This weekend’s activities:
  • Do laundry.
  • Put laundry away.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Finish art project for goal number 27. [I’m putting this off some due to a headache]
  • Do reading for goal number 26. [If I feel better, I’ll do this sometime today.]
  • Go to at least one church service. [This will have to be next weekend since I have this headache.]
  • Exercise.
  • Turn in weekend report.
  • Plan out catering menu for next week.
  • Shop for groceries. [I’ll do that tomorrow.]
  • Catch up on sleep.
  • Do at least one relaxation activity.
  • Straighten up kitchen.
  • Declutter living room.
  • Clean room corners.

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
I would have to...

nominate Todd for 43T’s Best Teammate Award, were there such a thing. I have been supported both on- and off-site, and in real life by Todd in this goal. He constantly seems to want the very best out of me and is not afraid to confront me when I’m straying off-course. I think that if I weren’t on a team with him, I might have given up on this goal a long time ago.

I hope that you realize what a wonderful teammate you are, Todd! I haven’t accomplished near what I want to, but I am no where near ready to say I can’t get there because of your support. :)

Solve my job problems. (read all 3 entries…)
Number one:

Calm down. Truly calm down so I can think this through fully or at all. Once I accomplish this, then I can formulate a plan.

Wish Flash a Super Birthday

I have no idea how I missed this, but I did. I hope that your birthday was a very special day and that the new year of your life is going wonderfully! I’m sorry this is late, and am glad my obsession led to me checking to see if I’d done this goal since I’ve been seeing your responses on my sub page. You deserved so much better.

Examine my tv habits. (read all 17 entries…)
I'm reopening this goal:

Since it is getting close to the Fall TV season, I am once again going to critically evaluate if I think tv shows are worth my time. I’m very proud to say that my list is less than half as long as last year’s. Here’s the Fall Schedule if you want to see what’s going to come on.

This year’s list:
  • The Unit
  • NCIS or House (They conflict with each other and my VCR’s gone wonky and I can’t watch something else while it’s recording a show.)
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Criminal Minds
  • Numb3rs

Find one weekend a month to stay home and relax a little. (read all 11 entries…)
Todd and I were discussing this goal...

off-site a few weeks ago, and decided that if I’m successful for 6 months in a row, that I could retire it. I’m leaning toward more like 9 months to a year now. Because this does need to be a habit. I also need to learn how to truly relax while being at home.

Find one weekend a month to stay home and relax a little. (read all 11 entries…)
This weekend...

is another designated weekend for this goal. My only goals are:

  • Go to church.
  • RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get work clothes laundered and put away.
  • Clean kitchen.

Work very hard at keeping a very challenging promise I made to one of my best friends, and never give up until it is done! (read all 3 entries…)
One part of the promise...

may be fulfilled soon. :)

complete my secret project (read all 6 entries…)
I worked...

about an hour on this today. There’s something that I’m going to have to figure out how to do before I can accomplish this goal, though. And, that will require a little consultation with my adviser or someone else who has knowledge of what the problem may be. Otherwise, I could have accomplished my goal tonight.

Overcome stress-eating behavior. (read all 4 entries…)
This week...

has been a week from Hades! I had only 1:15 of sleep Monday night due to a work emergency call, and have been suffering ever since. I have been taking off some this week to balance things out and then yesterday I had to do something that’s not normally my responsibility and that required I work 3 hours past what I was planning on. Well, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, and I got two things that were not on my approved diet list: french fries and a milkshake. I’ve done fairly well this week with not stress eating, but yesterday’s decision to eat that clearly was not a good one. I must do better than that, because when I did the research, I estimated I consumed around 1,000 unnecessary calories!

Do 43 random acts of kindness in 2008. (read all 43 entries…)
Consignment sale drop off

I helped one of my friends get her stuff dropped off at a consignment sale today, but I’m not counting that. But, while I was there, I helped two strangers with various tasks.

Wish Hazelnutnut a Coldplay Birthday August 3rd

You’re one of the people that’s been the longest on my subscription list, and I’m glad you’re still around on-site from time to time. I really hope that yesterday was a wonderful day for you. I hope that this year will bring you many great things.

Complete the two art projects that I have committed to doing. (read all 2 entries…)
This weekend...

I completed one of them, and started on the other. I hope the person I did it for likes it, because I haven’t given it to her yet.

Track my mental health status daily in hopes of getting off Prozac. (read all 2 entries…)
"Week" 1:

I need to do this somewhere, so I might as well do it here. For the record, I’m not against Prozac, but I’m just on so much medication that it’s a financial drain…anything I can do to reduce costs will be good. So, I’m going to start this in August, since I’ve not begun this yet.

F (8/1)- sl=7, dep=3, cs=8
Sa (8/2)- sl=3, dep=3, cs=10
Su (8/3)- sl=2, dep=3, cs=10
M (8/4)- sl=8, dep=3, cs=5
T (8/5)- sl=10, dep=4, cs=7
W (8/6)- sl=10, dep=4, cs=6
R (8/7)- sl=10, dep=4, cs=7
F (8/8)- sl=10, dep=8, cs=5
Sa (8/9)- sl=8, dep=1, cs=5

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