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How to drinking 2 glasses og water every morning
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to be more close to my son
share time

is not important how long I talk with my son, but the quality of conversation… he is important for me and never forget to kiss him every morning and prepare a small parcel of food or some sweets, just to make his day better… he is mature enough (26 years old), but showing him my care doesnt mean he is still a child..

to have a holiday (read all 2 entries…)
,,money often costs too much"

indeed, Waldo Emerson`s words are true; this continous run to get more money and more work for them costs me: less time to think and meditate, to relax, but at the same time I got new competencies and this made me feel good; even feel tired, it`s worth working what you like and give a ,,yes” to challenges …time management is important, but sometimes times is sacrifice to furnish myself …

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enrique iglesias, tired of being sorry

no one sees me, but the silver moon…

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