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  1. 1. live by the beach
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  2. 2. buy boobs
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  3. 3. travel the world
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  4. 4. make time to be creative
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  5. 5. get a bachelors degree
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  6. 6. work out 5 day a week
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  7. 7. love a man that loves me back
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  8. 8. have fun with my son
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  9. 9. write
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  10. 10. never grow up
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I don’t know how far I want to go with writing. Im actually at a place between degrees, and trying to decide what direction to go in. I have never wrote anything that is of any signifigance. I have terrible grammer, and cant spell for shit. What I do have is a story. I have lived. And I am continuing to live. I am someone who really sees things. People watching is one of my favorite past times. I know that I have a story inside waiting to get out. I currently have no idea how to go about doing that… Starting is always the hardest part. I dream of being a freelance writer. Sleeping in (8’oclock is sleeping in for me), goin to my sons soccer games, travel… I have even woke up in the middle of the night with the thought “just write” sreaming in my head. I am scared, I usually hate what I write and I never share any of it. I’m thinking of starting a blog..? Nobody reads them anyways right:) Just to get my feet wet.

buy boobs
superficial... so what

yes I know this is a superficial goal, but…. oh well, I want them. I love my body except for that one part. I am at an age where I have thought over this for many many years and am sure that this is something I want, for me, not anyone else.

Live by the beach
fish & fruit

I want to live somewhere where paople spend all their time outside, where the humididty makes my hair curyly. I wnat to live on fish and fruit. I want to wear flowey skirts and tank tops every day….


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