have to do something soon...

control my jealousy
need to do this!

need to keep my mouth shut if i feel it… it is irrational most of the time.

be happy with who I am
better self esteem

be content as I am

Take a picture for each day

take one picture each day to remind me of the day

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
Bubble Bath

I found tonight that a bubble bath makes me happy> I am grateful that I have hot water and a bath and bubble bath

work with children

i am currently studying to be a teacher – 3-6 year olds – i will be a student teacher from next week

Get married to the man I truly love who is my soulmate


Weigh 56kgs
I am now 54/55kg's : )

I am now on 60 kgs – so I need to lose 4kgs.. I go to gym at least 5 times a week. This is not helping. I need to actually change my eating habits. I need to cut out carbs at night. Starting now, not tommorow. So making sure tonight I have a healthy dinner..
I will feel so much better when I feel slimmer. I don’t feel overweight now, it would just make me feel proud to weigh 56 : )

paint more

I have signed up for Art Classes on a Tuesday night…

Hopefully this will get me back into painting..

I’m very excited.

Watch this space : )

Compile a 100 favorite songs list.
No specific order..just as I hear a song I add it .

1. StrangeLove – Depeche Mode ( although could be my altime favourite)
2. Striped – Depeche Mode
3. I love Rock n Roll
4. At Last
5. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
6. I will Survuve ( lame I know : ) )
7. Always – Bon Jovi
8. Pink – Aerosmith
9. Everything – Micheal Buble
10. Unbeleivable – Craig David
11. Amazed – Lonestar
13. Hotel California – The Eagles
14. Meant for me – Jewel
15. This Love – Maroon Five
16. Harder to Breath- Maroon 5
17. Two Princes
18. Daughter – Pearl JAm
19. Girls – Beastie Boys

to be cont..

Become good at yoga

I am quite proud of myself : ) I have attended 2 classes this week..
I am still not very good at all!! BUT I will become good.
I am falling all the time and I am so NOT supple as yet.
I will get there.

Daily: Reflect on at least 5 things for which I'm grateful (Happiness Manifesto #2) (read all 2 entries…)
Friday - Grateful List

1. Had an excellent workout and feel fit and healthy
2. Work with amazing people
3. Once again it’s a beautiful sunny day…
4. Have my health..
5. I have an endless supply of love available for me when I need it from family and friends

Daily: Reflect on at least 5 things for which I'm grateful (Happiness Manifesto #2) (read all 2 entries…)
Thursday - 5 things to be grateful 4

1. I’m alive and healthy
2. I have a mother and father and sister who loves me
3. It is the most beautiful sunny day today!
4. I have a great working car
5. I have a job that pays my bills

Make more Jewelery to sell
Getting there..

So I went to the market and finally bought some new great beads to make some new stock to sell…
Hopefully tonight I will be fully creatively inspired and I will be bringing some new pieces to work tommorow to show the girls here.

So watch this space :)

spend more time in nature

Nature is the most beautiful free art in the universe..

Start my own business
Start my own business that makes me proud and other people happy..

I know it is possible to wake up and be excited to work and be excited for it to be a weekday!@

I just need to find out what it is that I would like to do everyday that I would be excited to wake up to do..

I would also like to do something that would not only make me happy but make other people happy too.

Get organized
Get Orginized!!!!

Get rid of everything I don’t use, need, is beautiful or useful or meaningful… give it to charity. Orginize my room, life and work desk.
Make everything look and feel orginized so I can become a orginized person. It will make me feel better about who I am. IT IS HAVING RESPECT FOR YOURSELF. Keep everything organized all the time so it does not build up..

Keep my room clean
The Tidy Room

If my room and cupboard are clean it will lesson stress as I will know where everything is. It is always nice to walk into a clean fresh room. It’s great to declutter your room, it declutters your head which in turn helps declutter your life. Seems so easy so why is my room never as tidy as I’d like it to be????



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