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  1. 1. learn to drive
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  2. 2. learn to play guitar
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  3. 3. learn chinese
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  4. 4. learn french
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  5. 5. learn to program
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  6. 6. see the mountain goats live
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  7. 7. Give blood
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How I did it
How to get up on time
It took me
1 year
It made me
more punctual

How to improve my public speaking skills
It took me
3 years
It made me

How to do well in the leaving cert
It took me
2 years
It made me
Proud of myself!

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Recent entries
learn to drive

After putting it off for ages, I booked the date for my theory test today, so my learning to drive plan is now in motion. Now I just need to start properly studying for the test, which should be ok.

learn to play guitar
With a little help from my friends

Having owned a guitar for almost a year now and unsuccessfully tried to teach myself to play it using the Internet, I came to my senses recently and decided to start getting lessons from one of my friends who’s a great guitarist. So far I’ve found that having actual lessons gives me more motivation to practise, and I think I’m making pretty good progress. My main stumbling block so far is that I’m learning a song and find it hard to play and sing at the same time without messing up either the strumming pattern or what I’m singing, but I think I’ll get better at that with practice.

see the mountain goats live
Goats fanatic for the past two years

I would almost literally give one of my limbs to go to a Mountain Goats gig, unfortunately the last time they came to Ireland I wasn’t able to go because of school (and also because it was an under-18s show, but if I hadn’t had school the next day I would have been allowed to chance getting in anyway) and I’m not sure when they’ll next be back. As well as the music itself, a huge reason I’d like to do this is because I really respect John Darnielle and would love to meet him, plus I recently made these and it would make me unbelievably happy to actually give those as a present to the band in person. (sorry if I’m starting to sound a bit crazy here, but other tMG fans will know the kind of enthusiasm that we fans tend to have xD) So yeah. Here’s hoping for Irish tour dates or at least UK tour dates in the near future!

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